Millbury Pedophile Hunting Vigilantes Lure Mentally Handicapped Man And Shame Him In Viral Video, Attempt To Charge TB $300 To Come On Live Show


Last week I published a blog about some new vigilante pedophile poachers called the Woo County Catchers after they allegedly caught a federal corrections officer named Tom Gallagher trying to meet up with a 14 year old boy. I’m always curious to see whether or not these poachers are collaborating with law enforcement, so I found the two 19 year olds from Millbury who run the channel – Matt Michelson and Matt Leroux – and I offered to help them out by having them on the show and giving them some exposure. They agreed to come on, and then all of a sudden on Sunday post pubescent Dennis the Menace told me it would cost me $300 because they’re very important.

He’s got 14 other podcasts he could do on a Sunday night at 9, so we’re all going to have to bid to have this live pedo bait on our show.

He’s kind of a big deal. “Peep the tik tok.”

I’m not a cocky person but I took it personally when these ungrateful nobodies tried pulling this stunt on me. I have a large audience that includes many in law enforcement. I could help connect them and expose them to a new audience. Having these twats on was a favor to them. For him to come back and try to charge $300 for their presence on my YouTube show because they have a Tik Tok with 7 million views made me want to remind them that they are in fact nothing more than a couple ass wipes with an iPhone and a Grindr account who pretend to be kids so they can lure pedophiles to Walmart.

They both ignored my messages all day until I posted the screenshots on Facebook and made them look like toolbags. After that a couple people began reaching out with information about them. One of these people pointed out that Michelson’s old man has quite the array of Google trophies, including first place prizes for assault and battery, stealing underpants from Kohls, and impersonating a cop and threatening to assault someone, which is ironic because that’s basically what his son is doing now.


And those 7 million views they got on Tik Tok were all from a video in which they exposed a mentally handicapped man. I viewed the video and it was blatantly obvious the man was confused, scared, and didn’t know what was happening. In the video they threaten to physically assault him as the very confused man has a breakdown and shakes in fear, as if they’re some sort of arbiters of moral authority.

You can tell they’re getting off on their newfound hero status on Tik Tok.

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I know for a fact that he’s special needs because his sister reached out to me and showed me proof that he was, along with proof that they knew he was special needs and posted the video anyway.

It was a video of my brother who is disabled with an IQ of 50. I have the proof that he’s deemed disabled and the tik tok should be taken down. Matt Leroux has made it clear that he does not care that my brother is disabled as many other have tried to make him aware of this. Attached are the necessary documents.

My mom is thinking about sending my brother to Florida where my dad lives because we’re nervous about his well-being here in town. These kids have no idea what they did. He works at the local Walmart and he’s a super social kid so everyone knows him. I had to go to Walmart yesterday to make sure he still had a job and I could hear all his co-workers talking about him. 

Here she is contacting both of them and showing them confidential documents about his special needs placement and accommodations from high school.

Here they are admitting that they were aware he was special needs.

Days later the video remained up, and I saw it myself yesterday before they took it down around 8 PM. They let it remain there because endangering a mentally challenged man was a price they were willing to pay in order to get 7 million likes on Tik Tok. That’s how addicted our culture is to Internet affirmation from strangers.

Meanwhile the family continues to suffer as more and more people share the video:

“These kids have no idea the kind of stress they’re putting on my family because even though you posted the video, his character is still suffering and my mom and I can’t get ahead of the tik tok being shared on Facebook. My mom owns a business in town and everyone knows my brother.”

They both ended up coming on the show for free because I think they realized what a massive mistake it was to try to charge me like that. (Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss a Tuesday, Thursday, or weekend show.) They were upset that I mentioned their names, despite being desperate for Internet clout. They came on around the 30 minute mark, and at the 31:50 mark they admit that they were made aware when it happened that the guy was mentally challenged. Yet they still went and uploaded the video to Tik Tok.

Look, I enjoy the pedo poacher stuff. I find it entertaining, and if it leads to prosecutions of sexual predators then I’m all for it. But these chuds clearly do not work with the police and do it all for the wrong reasons. All they’re doing is re-releasing offenders back into the wild, and they’re doing it for money. It clearly goes straight to their head and they think they’re a lot more important than the really are, and I’m here to remind them of that.


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