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Millbury Police Chief, Board Of Health Stalk, Spy On, And Harass Clearview Country Club For Letting People Golf 


The Telegram and Gazette published a story today about a golf course in Millbury that is being harassed by the Board of Health and Chief of Police for allegedly allowing people to golf. However, the Telegram has a history of sending me cease and desist letters from their attorneys when I quote their stories in my blogs and link to them. Therefore I will be linking them here, and providing a summary of what they reported.

  • Clearview Country Club in Millbury was sent a cease and desist letter on April 22 for allegedly not shutting down during this ridiculous lockdown
  • James Morin, the Chairman of the Board of Health, has tried to deliver cease and desists to the owner Neil Lummis multiple times, but Lummis ripped it up in his face
  • Morin has been stalking the club and taking pictures of people golfing on the course, and claims there have been up to forty golfers a day
  • According to Morin they are not social distancing – “Every time I’ve gone up there I see four guys on the tee, and they’re all within a foot of each other to talk and stuff.” It is unclear if he actually measured how far apart they were or if he estimated from a distance with his spy cam.
  • Police Chief Donald Desorcy was alerted of this and went undercover in the parking lot, started taking pictures, and was berated by a man who had no idea he was talking to a cop, never mind the chief of police
  • When the chief tried to ID himself the man tried to grab his ID but the chief warned him that this was a violation of of the 6 foot social distancing rule
  • Lummis said that the golfers were his friends who walked on the course on their own and started golfing, so the chief offered to have the cops escort them out but Lummis turned them down
  • Desorcy said he wasn’t open for business but the chief wanted him to take the flags down from the holes
  • The club serves food so Lummis says he should be considered an essential business
  • The chief then snitched on Lummis to the Department of Labor Standards and is trying to get them fined for attempting to make a living
  • The chief vowed to arrest Lummis if he didn’t keep people off the course and shockingly gets agitated when random guys show up and harass him without identifying themselves
  • Vermont and Maryland are opening up golf courses making Massachusetts the only state left in the country that hasn’t, and there has been no date given for when they can open

The fact that the Chief of Police is the one leading the charge on this HUGE investigation is embarrassing for the town of Millbury. It does’t get any more small town than having the guy in charge of law enforcement spending his day investigating a golf course for letting people play golf. He should be ashamed of himself. He doesn’t have to waste his time with this, he is choosing to. He could easily use discretion when he sees people golfing, move on with his life, and go out and do something that is beneficial for the citizens of Millbury. But instead he went undercover like a moron and took pictures on private property without identifying himself. Rest assured citizens of Millbury, you’re in good hands with this guy protecting you from golfers.

I have some questions for Chief Desorcy:

Do you think you’re saving lives?

Do you think you’re protecting and serving the community by sitting in a parking lot in an unmarked cruiser taking pictures of people getting fresh air and exercise?

Do you feel good about yourself when you go home?

Do you feel like this is the best use of the taxpayer’s money that fund your salary?

Do you feel bad at all that you’re being paid quite well, while the people you’re harassing and stalking are losing their livelihoods?

When you signed up to become a cop did you ever envision yourself investigating whether or not people on a golf course were standing six feet apart from each other?

This is the same guy who oversees a department that still employs a man who spray painted “black lives matter” on his own home, and lied to the cops about being robbed. The same cop who was investigated by your own department, had one allegation sustained, and then went after the whistle blower instead firing him.

Detective Brothers had been assigned by former Police Chief Richard L. Handfield to investigate allegations against another Millbury police officer, Daniel Daly, according to the lawsuit. In August 2011, after Detective Brothers had uncovered evidence of potential wrongdoing by Officer Daly, Lt. Bates was hired to investigate Officer Daly. One of the 10 allegations against Officer Daly, engaging in conduct unbecoming an officer, was sustained. The lawsuit claims that Lt. Bates was biased against Detective Brothers because she had filed a complaint about him when he was an instructor of hers in criminal justice studies at Anna Maria College. “As a result of improper bias against plaintiff by defendant Bates, the purported ‘investigation’ into the wrongdoings of Officer Daly quickly morphed into an investigation of the plaintiff,” the lawsuit says.

Maybe instead of wasting time investigating people golfing you can look into your own corrupt cop who had his wife cover for him so that he could keep his job and pension. You don’t get to act like you’re some kind of crusader for justice while employing him. Why are you protecting a guy whose wife tried to get me to write a story about you, for a crime her husband committed?


This is James Morin, the loser on the Board of Health who takes his small town position way too seriously.


Why are you even out dude? You’re a grandfather and high risk to die if you catch the commie cold. Please, spare the “old people are dying” bullshit if fogies like this are driving around town playing Columbo. Stay the f*** home and hide like you’re supposed to bootleg Walter Brimley!

Of course none of this is has ever been about stopping the spread of a disease or saving old people from dying. It’s about power hungry tyrants getting off on being authoritarian douchebags.

This isn’t about golf. Golfing is not essential for survival. It’s about what golf represents. When you open up your golf courses it’s a sign that your state is going to reopen its economy. They present absolutely no danger whatsoever, yet the state has closed them down just because they have the power to decide what is and isn’t essential. If they don’t let golf courses open up then you can forget about gyms, department stores, and other “non-essential” businesses.

When the history books are written people like Neil Lummis will be the heroes and people like Chief Desorcey will be the Bull Connor’s. Which side will you be on?


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