Millbury Woman And Boyfriend Awoken In Car At Worcester Gas Station Insist They Weren’t High, Claim State Trooper Told Them To Sleep There After Studying


A Worcester man found two people, who appeared to be under the influence of heroin, behind the wheel of a car at an unidentified gas station yesterday morning.

In fairness, the guy filming it was somewhat of a poon himself. He left two people who were clearly in no position to drive behind the wheel of a car with the keys in the ignition, and all because he was frustrated with the way they responded, even though it was exactly how drug addicts would respond in a situation like this.

“You guys look like you’re overdosing. Are you overdosing??”

“What do you mean come on? You’re fucking knocked the fuck out, get the fuck up.”

Then he slammed the door and walked away when they mumbled something in junkie English. What exactly did he think they were going to say?

“Thank you kind sir for waking me up. I was in the process of overdosing, but now that you started swearing at me I’ve sobered up and will drive home.”

Here’s an idea – call the cops. Or take the keys out of the ignition. I’m all for a public shaming, but not if it doesn’t attempt to solve a problem. This is just junkie shaming for the purpose of junkie shaming, and ultimately two dangerous people were left with access to their vehicle.

The driver is Elizabeth Gleason from Millbury, and she ended up seeing the video on Facebook and decided to write a declaration of innocence on her page.

Jut to review:

  • She was up late pulling an all nighter, studying to be a CNA no doubt.
  • She had a guy in the car with her who couldn’t drive, presumably because he had a chemistry test in the morning himself.
  • She did the responsible thing and told a state trooper that she was too tired to drive home, and naturally the trooper told her to sit at a gas station pump in the middle of January and sleep it off.

Does this look like a woman who’s nodding off after testing Diego’s new product?

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No, no, no. That’s a woman who’s exhausted from staying up all night memorizing the Periodic Table.

She also said that it’s illegal for a concerned citizen to try to wake up two comatose junkboxes in a car and make sure they’re OK, because it’s a “breach of privacy.”

But it was all worth it because she got a 100 on her exam.

She’s not like the regular “dope feins” – she goes to Quinsig. She’s got her life together and can get 100’s on 5 paragraph essays about all of her Google trophies.

Quinsig is a very challenging institute of higher learning with some pretty rigorous standards.

Plus she bought back to school supplies, so you know she means business this time around.

She claims she’s never done heroin, yet she doesn’t seem to have custody of her son, who of course is named Jaydin.

Because every ratchet in America is legally required to make up a name that rhymes with mine and spell it in the most ghettorific way possible.

All you really need to know about these people can be learned by looking at this picture of the cute couple.

Flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat. Throw away the key.

This man is obviously a catch, considering the copious amounts of cologne he has at home.

That is a Vernon Hill shower if I’ve ever seen one.

Best of luck to Lizz the rest of the semester. She’s obviously off to a great start and I see big things in her future.


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