Mob Attacks Riley Gaines For Speaking Against Transgender Men Beating Women In Sports At San Fransisco State, Demands Payment For Her Safe Exit 


This is former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines.

She is a decorated swimmer, an SEC champion, and an Olympic Trials qualifier. Last year she added her name to the long growing list of victims of transgenderism when she tied biological male Lia Thomas from Penn University in the 200 meter freestyle at the NCAA Championships. Thomas competed for the men’s team for the first 3 years of his career and was an average swimmer. However, if you compete on a men’s Division 1 sports team it means that you’re better than every women’s college athlete in the country. By simply declaring that he was a woman, growing his hair long, and taking hormones, this dude was allowed to compete against women. He smashed NCAA records and made a mockery of the sport. His female teammates anonymously complained to the media, alleging that they were threatened with losing their scholarships if they spoke out. They were told that if they thought something was wrong with this that it actually meant that something was wrong with them.

To make matters worse Thomas was celebrated by ESPN for breaking barriers during Women’s History Month.

It’s the most transparently evil, immoral, and unfair injustice that we all can plainly see with our own eyes. And no one is allowed to speak out against it because they fear the cult of transgenderism.

Lia Thomas was awarded the trophy over Riley Gaines despite tying her because the NCAA wanted to be seen as progressive. At the time Gaines was upset about this injustice, but still had good things to say about Thomas:

Even though she was upset by the situation, Gaines made clear that she was not upset with Thomas personally. “I am in full support of her and full support of her transition and her swimming career and everything like that because there’s no doubt that she works hard too, but she’s just abiding by the rules that the NCAA put in place, and that’s the issue,” Gaines said.

Unfortunately this qualifies as the strongest condemnation of Thomas by any of his female opponents. Riley Gaines knew that she was cheated but still referred to Thomas as she/her, and said she wasn’t upset with Thomas personally.

But she really should’ve been. Lia Thomas knows what he is doing is wrong and he’s doing it anyway because he’s selfish. He knows that he’s not a woman, and he knows that going through male puberty gave him physical advantages that no woman could ever compete with. No one made him competing against women. He just wanted to.

But Riley Gaines wasn’t as aggressive because she was scared of the transgender mob. They use violence more than any other liberal outrage mob. One of them murdered 3 children and 3 teachers in Nashville last week, and the immediate response was to victimize the shooter. Riley Gaines thought that using the wrong pronouns and saying nice things about Lia Thomas would appease these sadists, but it only made them smell fear and weakness.

Since then Gaines has been much more outspoken on the issue, appearing on Tucker Carlson and other right wing media outlets dozens of times. This has made her a target whose safety is in danger every time she leaves the house, which was proven last night at San Fransisco State University.

Gaines was invited by the conservative group TP USA to speak to students at the school about the issue of transgender athletes competing against women in sports. This led to a mob of blue haired losers organizing with the sole purpose of shutting it down via the use of fear and intimidation. Listen to the language they use:

“Being trans is not an ideology, it’s a state of being,” Nicotta said. “Being trans on [SF] State’s campus is not going to be something that is going to be vilified or criminalized by any form of government or student body at all. And those views are not welcome.”

A woman’s views on men beating her in sports are not welcome in a free country. Because they said so.

Venus Harvey, a second-year SF State student, was able to enter the room where the event was held, but left because they felt overwhelmed. 

“I wanted to sit in and I did want to hear the conversation,” Harvey said. “I think it’s unfair for a group like this to come to a college campus where a lot of people move to San Francisco. I personally moved to San Francisco to escape a conservative household. I think it’s unfair for them to ask us to make space for them as well as tolerate them.” 

She hates her parents and is going through a phase so she moved to San Francisco where she assumed differing points of view would not be allowed to exist. She believes it’s “unfair” for her to tolerate people she disagrees with, but doesn’t think it’s unfair for Riley Gaines to object to having men beat her in swimming.

Harvey says Gaines mentioned sexual harassment in the locker rooms and described how body autonomy has changed since the NCAA began allowing transgender athletes to compete. 

“It further proves the point that people will sexualize trans people for just existing,” Harvey said.

Lia Thomas isn’t being sexualized. He has a dick which women are forced to see while changing. It makes them uncomfortable because women’s locker rooms are supposed to be dick free.

When the event started it was in a small room so only some protesters could sit there with their masks on and signs.

“Trans women are women.”

If that were true then you wouldn’t feel the need to call them trans women. You’d just call them women. But they’re not. They’re dudes, because they have cocks.

After Gaines spoke the mob of hundreds rushed the room.

Gaines had to be escorted out by police as the mob angrily pursued her, calling her a “transphobic bitch.” When police saw a mob coming from the direction they were headed they had to head into a corner and barricade her in a room for 3 hours for her own safety. Here are various angles of it.

“Why you running?”

“You f***king crying bitch? F*** YOU!!”

When the Dean showed up he didn’t hold anyone in the violent mob accountable. No one was threatened with expulsion or discipline. Instead he listened to their demands as Riley Gaines remained locked in a room for her safety. They demanded $10 each for her safe exit.

This is kidnapping.

These people act so hard because they know that no one is gonna punch them in the face for it. The fact that they don’t fear that happening is the problem. Look, we can either be perpetual victims of these weak, pathetic, cowardly people who are afraid of their own shadow, or we can make them scared of us. I’m sick of shit like this happening and all we get is tweets from Charlie Kirk about how outraged he is. 

Charlie will cash his checks and move on while tweeting about how outraged he is. But he won’t do anything to go on the attack against the people who attacked one of his speakers. Hey Charlie, why not hire a biker gang to protect your speakers? These people won’t be nearly as tough then.

Look at those freaks.

Just look at them. We under no obligation to treat them civilly or be nice to them. They deserve hatred and cruelty, because it’s how they treat us. These are people who have never been in a fight before and have live the most sheltered lives possible. Yet we fear them. The exact opposite should be happening. They should be named, shamed, doxxed, and made destitute. They should fear the consequences of involving themselves in a mob like this, knowing it could ruin their lives. We should publish the names of their family members. We should leave a digital trail that will follow them forever and make it impossible for them to find work.

If you see anything wrong with this tactic then you don’t understand how the game is being played then. You are bringing a knife to a gun fight against much weaker people. I’ve been using Turtleboy for almost 10 years now to name and shame these people. It works. I’m done playing nice with these people, and you should be too.

If you know who the identities of any of these people, feel free to email [email protected], or message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or on Twitter @DoctorTurtleboy.




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