Mom Accuses CO’s Of Beating Her Son In Jail, Gets Roasted By Sheriff Because He Assaulted Old Woman


This is Amy Litaker from  Kernersville, North Carolina.

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Her son Matthew West is a career criminal shitbag who according to Mom is currently incarcerated on a 9 year sentence because he stole her gun while on probation and posted a video of himself flashing it. She called police to report the gun stolen, then updated his Facebook page to let the world know that he’d be gone for a while.


He got this way because she enabled him most of his life.


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But at least she taught him good hygiene.


She did try to warn his girlfriend to dump his ass though.

“You deserve better than a junkie.” – Mom

Anyway, you’d think that someone who knew what a piece of shit their son was wouldn’t continue to defend his honor while he’s behind bars, but earlier in the week she posted a status that was shared hundreds of times, alleging that her son was beaten by CO’s in Forsyth County Detention Center, and she specifically outed one lieutenant.

Except there’s just one problem – her son started the whole thing by attacking a 61 year old female CO because he got caught with a homemade shank, and both she and another CO were severely beaten by her douchebag son.


Source: Two detention officers and an inmate were injured Friday in a confrontation at the Forsyth County Jail, authorities said Tuesday. The incident happened shortly after noon and involved Matthew Logan West, 24, who Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough said assaulted two detention officers. A female officer was doing a routine check of West’s cell on suspicion that he had a weapon, Kimbrough said. West had what officials believed as a shank made from a hard plastic spoon, Kimbrough said. During the search, West allegedly attacked the female officer and then assaulted another officer who came to help her, Kimbrough said. The shank was not used in the assault, which lasted about a minute before other officers responded and subdued West, according to FOX8/WGHP, the Journal’s newsgathering partner. The female officer suffered a concussion and a fractured orbital bone that was treated with nine stitches, the sheriff said. The male officer suffered bleeding on his brain, a dislocated shoulder, a torn calf muscle, ligament damage and a concussion, Kimbrough said.

“What you have shared is egregiously false,” Kimbrough wrote. “Your son, who had already threatened bodily harm, brutally beat a 61-year-old woman, damaging her for life. Your son was never stomped on the face. He (West) was subdued for a viscous (sic) attack on multiple officers, which he callously announced before he did it.”

Kimbrough said he spoke to West after the incident. Kimbrough said West told him, “I’m here in for first-degree murder, and I don’t give a (expletive). If I get an opportunity, I will do it again.”
Also, both of his victims were white, so the guy she shared the image of apparently has nothing to do with this.


God I love this sheriff. More LEO’s need to use social media to shame and expose the people badmouthing them on social media. I don’t care how petty it looks, these maggots deserve nothing less.

Instead of being embarrassed for the fact that she failed so badly as a mother, and then attempted to blame CO’s for her violent criminal son’s behavior, Amy went and shared the post on her page like it somehow vindicated her.

She’s also gone on the news to brag about what a good person her murdering son is, and her voice and teeth are exactly how you imagined they would be.

If a cartoon of Newport Lights had a baby with starving albino hippopotamus. She may only be about 50 year old, but that’s least 112 in North Carolina meth head years.

Amy also has a daughter named Emily or Ryleigh (whatever) who she likes to bail out of jail too.

The very next day Ryleigh Emily was bragging about being sober for all of a week for her daughter, and thanking the amazing friends who wouldn’t bail her out of jail.

Yea, she’s obviously a great Mom considering she’s raised a murderer who beats up 61 year old women, and a junkie who’s so disliked that her own friends won’t bail her out of jail.

Grandma Grundlestains is also upset that her husband left her for a younger crackhead with less miles on her.


Oh well, at least she still has grandkids whose lives she hasn’t completely destroyed yet.