Mom Sends Mob After Roslindale Catholic School Principal For Being Racist Towards Son, Won’t Say What Was Racist, Sent Him There Despite Pulling Him Out Before For Being Racist 


This is Timmeqa Taylor from Boston.

Yesterday she made a post on Facebook that has gotten a lot of attention, accusing Monica Haldiman, the principal of Sacred Heart Stem School in Roslindale, of being racist towards her son.

Just to review:

  • Fourth grader Antoine was withdrawn from the Catholic school last year because Timmeqa has been “dealing with racism,” but she doesn’t specify what that racism is
  • Despite being a racist school she still let her black son reapply to go there because he liked it
  • She heard third hand from a bunch of 9 year olds that the “principle” told Antoine that Timmeqa begged for him to be able to go to school there, so he better be on his best behavior
  • Timmeqa says that the principal admitted to saying this, which Timmeqa considers to be racist
  • The principal told her she was expecting her to fill out the withdrawal paperwork if she’s unenrolling Antoine, and she’s doing that
  • She has since sent a mob after the school to harass the principal for being “racist,” is talking about suing, and says that the whole school is racist because the teachers don’t “look like” her son

It’s funny how the wheelchair community never complains when teachers don’t “look like” them.” Ya know, because “representation matters.”


Oh, and it just so happens that she’s a BLM supporter who almost exclusively uses social media for whining about microaggressions, complaining how oppressed she is because of the color of her skin, and how unfair it is that white people have privilege.


This is Principal Monica Haldiman.

As you can see, she looks like one of those principals who doesn’t play. The kind of principal who knows every student by name, has their parent’s phone number on speed dial, uses her walking talkie like a pointer, and can smell kids walking aimlessly in the hallways without a pass from a mile away. The kind of principal who knows all the tricks of the trade, understands the thought process of a 10 year old better than anyone alive, and is someone the students fear, love, and respect at the same time.

Sources who went to this school and sent children there tell us that she is known for her old school, no-nonsense approach. She uses sarcasm a lot so it’s not surprising that an educator would keep it real with a kid like this by telling him that he better behave because his Mom begged to have him back in school after pulling him out due to “racism.” After all, it’s pretty hilarious and stupid that this joke of a mother would pull her kid out of school because it’s “racist,” and then beg to send the kid back.

It’s also funny because this school appears to have very few white children.

She must really hate black people.

Most people on Timmeqa’s post blindly shared it and agreed that this principal was a racist, despite not being told what exactly she did that was racist. It now has over 600 shares.


Others began tagging media outlets and race baiting con-artists like Shaun “Talcum X” King, because they know who to call when they’re looking to incite a race war.


A teacher at another school named Eric Raymond saw a fellow educator being unfairly attacked and labeled as a racist by a woman, who clearly just calls people racist whenever she doesn’t get her way, and decided to pile on his fellow educator. He offered to show up and protest at the school, and said his school has an open spot for Antoine.

“I’m so sorry that any person who works with children would speak this way.”

I’m sorry that any person who works with children would look this way.

Calm down Pork Chop.

Most of the people defending Haldiman were also black, since the vast majority of the population served at this school are people of color. These marginalized black voices were told to shut up and sit in the corner.


It should be noted that Shelby Chamberlain extremely white and extremely ratchet.

You have blue hair. Nothing you have to so on anything will ever really matter. Nevertheless she felt comfortable lecturing a black woman who attended this school about what is and isn’t racism. Ya see, the stuff that wasn’t racist back in 2003 is racist now. Things like holding kids accountable and being fair are bad now because that’s not equity. Try to keep up.

Then there was this behemoth:


Who wore it better?


This lovely specimen goes by Khilah Williams, she’s apparently from New Jersey, is the godmother of Antoine, and she was not in the mood for anyone asking questions.


Shut yo mouth foo! If you can’t understand what was racist without her telling you what was racist, then you’re just a walking microaggression. Now pay your reparations and STFU!

Keep in mind the idiocy of the original post. This woman chooses to send her kid to this private school and pay the tuition to go there. She pulled the kid out because SHE decided it was racist, not the kid. Her son actually liked it, which is why he begged to go back. If she really thought it was a racist school then she’d obviously send her kid to the FREE public schools, rather than fork over the cash to go to the racist school. One person attempted to point this out but Jupiter Johnson wasn’t having it.



Let’s be clear – if you wanna know more information before blindly sharing this woman’s serious allegation, then you’re part of the problem. You have 2 choices – share it or shut your pole polisher.

She seems pleasant.

Also, just because this mostly black school is filled with students who seem to enjoy it and haven’t experienced racism there doesn’t mean the school isn’t racist.

Except, it kind of does Mahalia. Ya see, when you’re racist it means you hate all people of a certain skin color, not just the ones named Antoine with the loud mouthed mother. But yea, maybe this woman secretly just hates black people and has been hiding it for decades while working at this mostly black school because she couldn’t find a job working with white kids. That makes sense.

I also chimed in on the comments before eventually getting blocked. Daija Terry said I was being dumb, that I was a master manipulator, and that anyone with a 6th grade education could see why this woman was a racist.

Yea I almost fooled you there, but you foiled my plan, Sisqo Nabisco.


I asked Timmeqa directly what the racist part was because I really wanted to know. That’s when an oppressed account manager at Bloomberg named Ruthie Benjamin told me that she didn’t have to “delineate every racist incident to justify your perspective.”

She told me I should either express support, or “contribute a well-meaning idea so a mere child can continue with his education.”

OK, I have an idea. Mom closes her piehole, stops humiliating her son, and lets him go to the school that he wants to go to instead of making it all about her and pulling him out because she’s concocted fantasies of imaginary racism in her head.

Finally Timmeqa explained what the racist incident was:

Newsflash – the principal wasn’t being racist, she was just making fun of you for being a royal pain in the ass. Ya see, just because you’re not white doesn’t mean you can’t be a Karen. And that’s exactly what you are. Someone who demands to see the manager, always makes a scene, and acts like the world is ending over harmless comments. You made a federal case of pulling your kid out of the school, then you begged for him to be let back in even though you claim that the school is racist. That in and of itself is hilarious, and the principal was right to make a joke about it, because you are in fact a joke.


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