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Mom Who Used Daughter’s Leukemia, Lied About Coworker Stealing $9600 From Her Refused To Drive Daughter To School Because She Was Drinking


Yesterday I published a blog about a Springfield woman named Jennifer Bowen, AKA Jennifer Romeo, who notoriously begs for free stuff around the holidays and claimed this year that someone stole $9,600 cash from her at work. But her story didn’t make any sense because she said she had just cashed a check and was planning on depositing the cash into a bank account, when she easily could’ve just deposited the check instead. She also kept referencing and using the fact that her 13 year old has leukemia to get people to donate, despite the fact that she doesn’t have custody of said 13 year old.

No one was really surprised, because she’s been doing this for years. Her story was clearly not plausible because no one would leave $9,600 in cash lying around in a jacket at work after cashing a check for that amount if they planned on depositing that cash back into the bank shortly thereafter.

Jennifer messaged the page in a vain attempt to save her reputation, and of course used her daughter’s health issues once again to deflect from the fact that she is a scammer.

Her proof, which she’s posted everywhere, is a police report she filed with Springfield PD.

All this is is a police report which anyone can file. Nowhere in there does it say there’s any evidence or proof that the person she’s accusing of stealing $9600 from her coat actually did so.

However, here’s a fun document that her ex-husband and baby daddy filed against her in probate court, alleging that she’s a drunken unfit mother who should not have custody of the kids.

No food, dog poop on the floor, strange men named Jeff and Felix sleeping over, drug and alcohol abuse, neglect, dogs being beaten in front of the kids, and telling the poor daughter that she won’t give her a ride to school because she’s not done drinking yet.

Another proud graduate of the Kate Peter School of Parenting.

Jennifer’s dindu nuffin disinformation campaign wasn’t going anywhere, then all of a sudden “Hailey” began messaging me, and Hailey sounded a lot like Mom.

“We haven’t been financially stable for years.” – 13 year old in the hospital fighting off cancer, who totally isn’t Jennifer Bowen herself. She just happens to know every single detail of this made up incident.

Ever since then, “Hailey,” who totally is NOT Jennifer Bowen, has been posting and commenting non-stop on all the Turtleboy Facebook pages.

She said that she cashed the check first because Jennifer was planning on putting the cash into her older daughter’s bank account, because apparently Jennifer is incapable of having a bank account herself.

“Hailey” said that “people knew” Jennifer was carrying almost $10K in cash with her at work, and only realized it was gone when she went to order Chinese food for all the workers.

Hailey sure knows a lot about this incident!

“Hailey” also said that “someone my Mom trusted” stole the cash.

Except the police report says that the woman she blamed for doing it was “acting shady.”

But the worst part about this is that “Hailey” kept using her health as a crutch to deflect from the fact that her Mom got caught scamming.

Oh, and “Hailey” is now defending Jennifer once again, and claiming that the probate court document in which her father alleged that Jennifer was too drunk to drive Hailey to school, was not true.

“I was left alone because she was at work.”

Not according to #11 on your old man’s .

At the end of the day what we have here is a ratchet who got caught trying to scam, an ex-husband who for some reason is trying to cover for her despite knowing what a hot mess she is, and a 13 year old battling leukemia who’s being used as a pawn to try to con people at Christmas.


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