Monica Cannon-Grant And Mikayla Miller’s Mother Defamed 16 Year Old Girl By Calling Her Murderer On BLM Livestream With 4.5 Million Followers, Attorney Sought To File Lawsuit


Two weeks ago we broke the story that Mikayla Miller’s ex-girlfriend Kaitlyn Anderson had sent emails to Mikayla’s guidance counselor at Hopkinton High School, telling her that she was worried because Mikayla was having a panic attack, had no one at home to help her, and was suicidal. We also published text messages Mikayla sent to another girl, in which she admitted to self medicating with drugs in order to help bury the pain of a broken heart that came from being broken up with.

Twelve days later NBC “broke” the same story, which included the same exact email.

They obviously got this from us, but chose not to link us. Since then other media outlets have all cited NBC with breaking the story.

But we all know where the news came from.

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Two days ago the medical examiner unequivocally stated that Mikayla Miller’s death was a suicide, but it hasn’t slowed her abusive mother Calvina Strothers or Monica Cannon-Grant down.

Race baiting hustler Ben Crump is now representing Calvina Strothers and is posting blatantly defamatory things about the 5 innocent children who have been accused of murdering Mikayla Miller. He claims that “evidence shows she may have been lynched.”

This is completely false. There is not a shred of evidence suggesting that.

Last night the allegedly grieving mother went on BLM’s Instagram to do an interview with Melina Abdullah, a woman who is allegedly black and leads BLM Los Angeles. I analyzed the entire thing last night on the Live Show.

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During the interview Calvina appears to possibly be strung out or high, but certainly does not come across as a grieving mother. The thing she says about her daughter seem generic and scripted. She pretends that they had a loving and close relationship, when in fact she was abusive and distant. Calvina  was a neglectful mother who abandoned her daughter routinely to fly to Chicago, was arrested for assaulting Mikayla, and never even reported her missing despite waking up the day after Mikayla committed suicide to find her daughter not in the house.

Sixteen year old Katelyn Anderson was defamed throughout that interview. I have chronicled several soundbites for legal purposes. Melina Abdullah called it a murder and a lynching three times in one breath.

Fact check – It was a suicide.

Melina is aware of this fact and still chose to lie. In doing so she defamed an innocent child and caused damage to her reputation. This is slander.

Monica stated that Kaitlyn and the 4 other teens “Jumped Mikayla and beat her. They beat her and then they sat outside of the clubhouse antagonizing her and not allowing her to leave.”

Fact check – Witness statements (including Mikayla) show that Mikayla was not jumped or beaten, and nobody prevented her from leaving the clubhouse.

More information has come out about the incident at the clubhouse.

According to the witness accounts, Mikayla and her ex-girlfriend were talking alone for some time in the game room before they began yelling and eventually fighting. The ex-girlfriend claims she was “shoved by Mikayla” and then “admits to striking Mikayla in the face.” The report then states other teens came into the room and intervened. One of the males stated he “struck Mikayla in the face.” The teens claimed that’s when Mikayla “lost it” and “started smashing her head on the pool table causing it to break.”

Mikayla was not jumped. Kaitlyn, who weighed 60-80 pounds less Mikayla, hit her in self defense during an emotional breakup. They were alone, and after it became physical the two boys from North Brookfield attempted to break it up. Mikayla was out of control and having a mental breakdown, so she smashed her head on the pool table and police report that the clubhouse was trashed. Her mother knew the mental state of mind that her daughter was in and still allowed her to leave the house. When she woke up the next morning and Mikayla was not there she couldn’t be bothered to contact the police because she simply did not care. Mikayla was not useful to her if she committed suicide, but by spreading a lie that she was murdered she was able to raise $58K with a GoFundMe.

Monica stated that “white women shedding tears is extremely dangerous,” and that they were all white. Melina Abdullah doubled down and repeated that the 5 kids were white.

But one of the teens was not white, and none of them have family members who are cops.

Melina Abdullah said that there was “evidence” that the 5 white teens jumped her, and said that suicide was impossible.

Fact check – Mikayla’s death has been ruled a suicide by a trained professional medical examiner.

Calvina lied and stated that the 5 teens were not questioned or investigated.

But according to a Fox 25 News story the investigation was thorough, and all 5 kids were interviewed and their alibis verified.

The 17 pages include analysis of the teen’s cell phone and interviews with a school guidance counselor and witnesses who were involved in a physical altercation with Mikayla the day before she died. Among those interviewed was Mikayla’s ex-girlfriend, who 25 Investigates is not naming because she is a minor. During her interview with Hopkinton and State Police, the ex-girlfriend claims she notified a guidance counselor that she was concerned about Mikayla’s mental health.

The guidance counselor told police that Mikayla’s mother had been worried about her mental health since 2019, and considered her “at risk.”

In a separate police interview, the guidance counselor claimed she was notified about concern for Mikayla. She also told investigators that her concerns went back to 2019. That’s when she “filed a student at risk form on Mikayla,” and notified her mother, Calvina Strothers, according to documents reviewed by 25 Investigates.

Calvina knew her child was in this fragile mental state and still abandoned her almost every weekend to fly to Chicago to see her boyfriend.

I have been documenting and saving the dozens of posts and video clips in which Monica, Calvina, Ben Crump, Melina Abdullah, Talbert Swan, Tamika Mallory and others have either insinuated or directly stated that Katelyn Anderson orchestrated a lynching after orchestrating a jumping of Mikayla hours earlier. What they’re doing is textbook defamation, and the reputational damage is obvious.

I am looking for an aggressive attorney to help Kaitlyn Anderson and her mother Megan get justice. Currently she is being represented by Joe Cataldo, but he’s playing a defensive game, waiting for the DA’s office to exonerate his client first. That could take months, and in the meantime Kaitlyn will continue to be slandered.

A defensive strategy is the wrong strategy for a case like this. In January of 2019 students from Covington Catholic in Kentucky were harassed by a Native American activist banging a drum in their faces while waiting for their bus at the Lincoln Memorial. They were falsely labeled as racists and subjected to violent threats thanks to the defamatory reporting done by the media, politicians, and others on social media. Aggressive attorneys agreed to represent Nick Sandmann on a contingency basis, and they sued CNN, the Washington Post, New York Times, politicians, journalists, and dozens of others who falsely called these children racist. The $275 million lawsuit was settled out of court, and Sandmann was undoubtedly paid a large sum of money.

This is what needs to happen for Kaitlyn Anderson. Her attorney must go on the offensive. What happened to her is worse because she was called a murderer on top of being called a racist. Attorney Cataldo needs to stop playing defensive and sue these people. Monica Cannon-Grant has used her non-profit Violence in Boston to defame Kaitlyn Anderson. She stated during an interview that VIB went from a “$40K a year organization to a multi-million dollar organization” thanks to the death of George Floyd.

Both Monica and VIB should be sued, and every cent in their bank account should go to Kaitlyn Anderson. Their books should be opened up in discovery, Rachael Rollins phone records should be subpoenaed to see her involvement, and Calvina’s DCF records should be made public. This is the most blatant open and shut instance of defamation I’ve ever seen, and it’s unacceptable for her attorney not to sue. I have been in touch with several attorneys who are interested in providing more aggressive representation for the Andersons, but if you are an attorney and you’d like to help out please email [email protected] Friends have created a legal fund on GoFundMe for the family, but I will not be sharing it until I am assured that she has an attorney that is suing. I am not interested in paying an attorney $400 an hour to play defense. I am looking for an attorney who sees this for the slam dunk that it is and is willing to work on a contingency, or work with me to crowdfund. I pledge right here, right now, that I will donate $500 to and legal fund for a lawyer who will sue.

Kaitlyn Anderson was never given the opportunity to grieve her friend because she was called a murderer by millions of adults. She was the only person in Mikayla’s life who cared about her. She attempted to get her help from the guidance counselor 5 days before Mikayla committed suicide. What’s happened to her is an injustice, and I will not rest until she gets justice.


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