Monica Cannon-Grant Deletes First Hour Long Live Video Since Indictment, Says She Tried Killing Herself 3 Times, Vows Revenge On Rachael Rollins And Other “Respectable N Words”

Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (1:10:00)

I told you people that it was only a matter of time until Monica Cannon-Grant ignored the advice of her lawyers and did a Facebook Live rant that she would delete an hour later. Today she proved me right with this 78 minute tirade (that she removed shortly afterwards) calling out Rachael Rollins, Ayanna Pressley, Julia Mejia, and lots of other people for not helping her get the 18 felony charges against her dropped:


She really is the dumbest, most predictable criminal of all time. And no one can wind her up and make her dance like Turtleboy can. All you have to do to keep her going is just keep writing about the crazy things she says and does. She simply doesn’t have it in her to invoke her right to remain silent. She truly believes that the more she talks the more she can sway public opinion, because for years it effectively got the media and politicians to portray her in a positive light.

But those days are over now and she’s having a tough time coming to terms with it. No one who matters is around to help her out. No one is donating to her. All the powerful people cut ties because she’s bad for business, and she’s now finally realized that our reporting is the reason this all happened.

Just to review:

  • She says she is now going after Rachael Rollins for aligning with white supremacists and selling her out (6:00)
  • Claims the “white supremacist blog” (me) wrote about her 244 times: “one of my team members from Fight for Monica put together a spread sheet about every time the white supremacist wrote about or did a show about me. 244 times.”
  • Said she sent a group text to Marty Walsh, Michelle Wu, Maura Healey, Rollins, and every City Councillor about me because I called her and said I was going to ambush her block party, but they all ignored her (8:00)
  • She met with the DA and AG’s office about me but none of them helped her and only told her to go to get a harassment order (9:00)
  • She complains that State Rep Liz Miranda got a harassment order due to the support of Rollins (because Miranda was having sex with a convicted murderer out on parole who was married to someone else), and is upset that Rollins didn’t help her get an order on me
  • Said that she first tried to get a harassment order against me after we protested at VIB’s grand opening and again 3 weeks later at BPD headquarters
  • Claims that we were not “peacefully protesting” and that she got “no protection from the black men in this city,” despite the fact that she sent her group of thugs out to threaten to shoot us while we stood on a public sidewalk
  • Claims that the court would not give her a harassment order even though harassment is “when someone is constantly trolling” on social media, and that “he weaponizes his following and tells his followers to troll me” (13:00)
  • Complained that the people doing laugh emojis on her live were white supremacists sent by me (13:00)
  • Said that “this is the one video I will be leaving up,” before taking it down an hour later (15:00)
  • Claims I mailed threats to her house
  • Said that “I supported a whole top cop because she’s black” (Rollins) but that “I’ll be damned if they kill me and I got silently” and that “I’m exposing everybody” (16:00)
  • Said she tried to kill herself 3 times but won’t because of her kids (18:10)
  • Can’t believe that politicians don’t ask for her to pose for pictures anymore: “I was poppin in 2020, everyone wanted a photo. Julia Mejia, Ayanna Pressley.” (18:30)
  • Said that someone she loved “did me dirty” by testifying in front of the grand jury (19:20)
  • Said that “going live is going to help me win my case, and I’m telling on everyone who sat idly and stayed silent” (23:00)
  • Said she showed a black man the threats she received and when he saw one he wanted to get 50 cases of bullets and kill me (28:00)
  • “Every time he writes about me they sit outside my house, they troll my social media. In the south the white supremacists will kill you but up north they get you to kill yourself. I refuse to let these mother fuckers kill me. You wanted my life so bad but you couldn’t even attempt to lead the life I lead.” (28:45)
  • Claims that Taunton is a land of Trump supporters and that she “got ambushed at Stop & Shop and I had to stop because I have a fed case” 29:30
  • Says she doesn’t have receipts for the money she stole because she paid vendors in cash
  • Ranted about Rayla Campbell and the “clear adjacent black man” (Jamarhl) who betrayed all black people by coming on the Live Show with me (33:50)
  • Calls Globe reporters Andrea Estes and Shelly Murphy white supremacists (35:30)
  • Blames Callie Crossley from WGBH and calls her a “respectable negro” for writing this op-ed about how Monica let down black people
  • Says the $25,000 in missing money is “chump change,” and black people just think it’s a big deal because they don’t have much money (38:30)
  • Says that the feds want to kill her but can’t: “It’s too suspicious to kill me, so they kill me in the court of public opinion” (39:15)
  • Said the feds kept her phone because they had issues trying to get information off of Signal which she claims have nothing to do with finances, and she uses that app to organize protests (41:00)
  • Says that her spending donated money on food and accessories is OK because Marty Walsh used to go out to lunch and she also ordered food for volunteers (1:07)
  • Cried about not being able to lead protests over the Akron shooting (1:11:45) 
  • Said that Harriet Tubman would’ve shot and killed any black person that isn’t standing up for her and donating money to her legal defense: “Your ancestors is the one who would’ve told on slaves” (1:15:00)

She’s basically been posting all of that (including her spreadsheets of the times we wrote about her) on social media all day too. She has a couple morons leftover who still believe her, but no one important enough to matter.


She’s really mad at Rachael Rollins, and I’m here for it.


She even got a QR code that links to a Excel doc with all the times I’ve written talked about her.

She says it was 244 times. Make that 245, Monica. And 246 after we discuss this on the Live Show tomorrow night (click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel) If only you used a spreadsheet like this to document something important, like all the money you took in at VIB. Then you wouldn’t be going to jail.

She posted communications with the AGO in which they give her the runaround while making her think they’re actually going to investigate me for writing about her.



Her husband and codefendant Clark Grant, who now goes by Jack MeHoff on Facebook, says that I am “obsessed” with her.

Monica dear, you are a content machine. If you didn’t give me so much to write about I’d have to publish blogs all day about drag queen story hour and people who got in trouble at work for using the wrong gender pronouns. Don’t get me wrong, that stuff is entertaining too, but nobody compares to you. I’m gonna miss you when you’re rotting in federal prison. Maybe I’ll come visit.

Monica might’ve lost Ayanna Pressley, Michelle Wu, Liz Warren, Joe Kennedy, Rollins, and other people who matter, but at least she still has these people:

So that’s good. Maybe they can save her from prison. We’ll see.


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