Monica Cannon-Grant Frustrated After Maura Healey Won’t Investigate Mikayla Miller Suicide, Promotes Medium Blogger Who Believes Boys Drove Back From Sturbridge To Commit Murder


Monica Cannon-Grant has been oddly quiet about the Mikayla Miller story since 50 people and a brass quartet showed up at her “protest” outside of Marian Ryan’s office in Lowell, which turned out to be a dentist’s office. After conceding that the FBI will not be investigating this, due to the fact that it’s been ruled a suicide by the medical examiner, Monica had her eyes set on Attorney General Maura Healey taking over instead. Then Healey announced that she won’t be doing that and it didn’t go over well with Malcolm 3XL.

Yet she’s continuing on with the “Mikayla didn’t commit suicide” lie, even though it’s undeniable that she did.

She apparently wants the 5 white teens (who aren’t all white) to be arrested and thrown in jail in order to even the score with the Central Park 5. She’s not even hiding it anymore.

Either way, no one is paying attention because TB destroyed her credibility. Monica has become so desperate that this guy is now her best hope:

Robert Qua is an “accomplished cyclist, computer geek, chef, Emmy Award winning audio engineer, and aspiring open source investigative journalist.” Whatever that means.

He has a whopping 39 followers on Twitter, and self-publishes his ramblings on a community blogging site called Medium. This is all Monica has left for support, and she’s hitching her dumpster fire wagon to him:

“I believe Mikayla Miller may have been lynched.”

Yea well, she wasn’t, so there’s that.

Robert Qua wrote that story on May 12, well before the ME’s report came out confirming it was a suicide, but Monica keeps quoting it anyway because she’s desperate for the narrative.

According to this guy’s ramblings it doesn’t matter that the 5 teenagers Monica falsely accused of murder have verifiable alibis, including two of them being at Wendy’s in Sturbridge, because the murder happened way after that.

Police have since discovered, through interviews and forensic data, that the location of both females interviewed by Hopkinton Police, from 8:43pm to 5:48am, is known. According to DA Ryan, this information does not involve 34 West Main Street. Both males, and the third female — described as a family member, possibly a sister — traveled west along I-90 after meeting with Mikayla. EZ-Pass tolling data indicates that their vehicle entered the highway system at 8:08pm. The DA described the occupants of the vehicle as “not from Hopkinton”. At 8:58pm the same vehicle exited I-90 at Charleton. At 9:06pm the occupants of the vehicle were observed eating Wendy’s takeout in the parking lot. The third female is subsequently described by DA Ryan as being at home by unnamed witnesses for the remainder of the evening.

Without further identification of an alibi for the two male suspects — beyond having take out at Wendy’s around 9pm — DA Ryan has left a gaping hole in her assertion that the location of all parties involved in the altercation with Mikayla are known. According to Google maps, it takes approximately 34 minutes to drive from the Wendy’s in Sturbridge to the scene of the crime. Any member of the party in the vehicle could have easily returned to Hopkinton shortly before 10pm.

In fact, if DA Ryan’s assertion that Mikayla was last seen by her mother, at home, between 9:30 and 9:45pm is accurate, then it’s entirely possible that Mikayla, and the occupants of the vehicle that traveled to Sturbridge, could have crossed paths on West Main Street near the exit from 495 South just before 10pm. If the distance recorded by her cell phone is accurate — 1,316 steps, or approximately a half mile — it would take 8 to 10 minutes for Mikayla to arrive at the site where she was found. These rough timelines offer the possibility that Mikayla may have come in contact with some of her assailants a second time.

Oh snap, Robert Qua cracked the case! The 16 year old boys plotted to murder Mikayla after jumping her, but first they had to go to Sturbridge to get Wendy’s because they don’t have fast food around Hopkinton. Sure, they were driven there by the other woman in the car because neither of them is old enough to have their license, and cameras on the Mass Pike would’ve tracked them coming back to Hopkinton if they did that, but Robert Qua figured out how to use Google maps, so he might be onto something!

He also figured out that in the call logs there was a police call at 12:02 AM to breakup a party with 40-50 people at it, so Mikayla must’ve gone to the party and gotten lynched by someone there.

Did Mikayla attend a high school party informally arranged in a parking lot near her home on Saturday night? Were people drinking? Did news of her encounter with the white teenagers who assaulted her precede her arrival? Did one, or all members of the group who drove to Wendy’s in Sturbridge, return to Hopkinton to attend the party? The police report simply states that “all left the area”.

But wait, there’s more. At 1:15 AM there was not one, but TWO disabled cars on West Main Street!

The second entry records two disabled motor vehicles on West Main Street at 1:15am. Officer Ryan T. Polselli responded. Dispatcher remarks indicate that the incident was cleared — “parties are on their way”. In light of the events surrounding Mikayla’s death, this incident needs to be revisited by Hopkinton Police. The unusual coincidence of two disabled vehicles coming to the attention to the police on the very same street described by DA Ryan as the discovery site of Mikayla’s dead body must be investigated.

That can only mean one thing – the people driving those cars broke down on purpose so they could murder Mikayla Miller!

And if that didn’t tell you something was up, check this out:

The third incident occurred at 1:49am. Described as suspicious activity, the public police log records a response to a call describing what sounded like glass breaking and two subjects outside. Officer Aaron O’Neil and Sergeant William Burchard reported a female party smashing plates on Main Street at 1:49am. Mikayla’s body was found on West Main Street, a continuance of Main Street, approximately 6 hours later.

Clearly, the District Attorney and the Hopkinton Police have their hands full. Mikayla’s lifeless body was discovered about a mile from the start line of the fabled Boston Marathon. The explosive nature of a modern day lynching, and its possible coverup, in a northern blue state like Massachusetts, contains enough dry powder to be heard around the world.

Holy crap! Someone smashing plates on Main Street? They must’ve done that after they killed Mikayla Miller. What other conclusion could a person reach?

Robert Qua wrote another article a couple days later that Monica shared, which included this gem.

Yes, Mikayla Miller had a white girlfriend. They were close. Close enough for the tragic Venn Diagram of gender, race and sexuality in America to render Mikayla’s death a study in probability, logic, and statistics. The police and the Middlesex District Attorney’s office claim Mikayla took 1,316 steps in the last hour of her short life. Was she marching toward personal redemption? Or was she already hopelessly trapped in the artificial construct, promulgated by DA Ryan and the Hopkinton selectmen, that defines a Black girl living in white America?

LOL. I don’t even know what any of that means, but I’m taking so much joy in the fact that this is all Monica has left for supporters.

After the ME report came out confirming it was a suicide Robert wrote yet another article.

Mikayla Miller’s death was ruled a suicide yesterday. For many, like myself, the ruling doesn’t settle a thing. 

A report from a trained medical examiner doesn’t mean a thing for this cyclist with 39 Twitter followers, because he’s got a map.

Except Mikayla’s body wasn’t discovered by Icehouse Pond, she was on the other side of West Main Street. Oops!

He’s still convinced someone from the party killed her, because white privilege.

Did Mikayla attend this party? And more importantly, did the kids who attacked her earlier in the day go to this party? Personally, I find the DA’s assertion that the location of all five students involved in the altercation with Mikayla is “known to the police” to be a thin gruel for a grieving mother and a Black community starved for answers. White parents, on the other hand, are understandably relieved that their sons and daughters have already been exonerated. This is text book white privilege.

Yes, white parents who find out that their kids are not murderers are only happy because of white privilege. Of course.

He kept going.

I will paint one simple scenario. Despite the previous altercation, and the visit by the Hopkinton Police, Mikayla leaves her home around 9:45pm, and walks over to Parkwood Drive. Attending a large party like this on a Saturday night would be a given for any high school student, especially if you could walk to it. While at the party Mikayla discovers that news of her breakup, and her subsequent bullying at the hands of her girlfriend’s friends, has preceded her arrival. So too, the involvement of the Hopkinton Police.

If faced with a choice of who to trust, I can’t imagine that Mikayla garnered a lot of support from the predominately white attendees. Being a gay African American woman in Hopkinton is a rarity. Calling the cops on your white girlfriend, and her white friends for bullying you, during a highly personal matter, such as a messy break up, is courting disaster. According to, Hopkinton is 86.4% white and .08% African American.

Did Mikayla miscalculate the poisonous atmosphere that was sure to be present at this gathering? Did she know the Hopkinton Police had already visited, and interviewed, two of the girls present at the assault she experienced earlier in the day? More importantly, did she accept anything to eat or drink at the party that could have knocked her out?

Think about it, if her ex-girlfriend was able to convince four or five friends to send a message to Mikayla using public violence, isn’t it entirely possible that the same ex-girlfriend could order, or at least promote, a larger retaliation in response to the notification of police by Mikayla’s mother, Calvina Strothers?

I have nothing to say about any of that. I’m just soaking in the joy I get from the fact that this is what Monica has left for support. After Monica shared his stories today he must’ve gotten a chubby because he wrote one more, which added nothing from his previous blue anon ramblings.

Oh well, at least Monica still has this guy too.

Destroying Monica’s reputation and credibility is probably one of the top 5 things I’m most proud of since starting TB. Someone had to slay this bully, and that is why God put me on this earth.


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