Monica Cannon-Grant Is Freaking Out About The Boston Globe Finally Writing A Negative Story About Her, Wrongly Accuses Southborough Attorney For Racist Email 


The Boston Globe has protected racist psychopath Monica Cannon-Grant for years, treating her as some sort of civil rights icon and allowing her to publish op-eds in their newspaper, despite the violent and threatening posts she’s made online.

However, based on some recent posts from MCG on Facebook and YouTube it sounds like the Globe is gearing up to finally tell the truth about her, in light of her husband’s arrest in October for COVID unemployment fraud. The Attorney General is also reportedly investigating Monica’s fraudulent non-profit Violence In Boston INC for fraud, since Monica and her husband used VIB’s bank account to acquire a mortgage to buy their new home in Taunton that was then raided by the feds.

VIB brought in millions of dollars in 2020 as a result of the Globe’s free promotion and the death of George Floyd.

Tonight on the Live Show we’ll be listening to parts of this podcast Monica did the other today with some moron from BLM Rhode Island, in which she goes on the offensive at the Globe before ranting and raving about imaginary white supremacy for the next hour like she always does. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in at 9 PM to watch.


On Facebook and Twitter Monica has been tagging the Boston Globe and posting the name of the reporter (Andrea Estes) who is writing the story about her, in an attempt to intimidate them from writing it. She’s painted herself as the victim and is attempting to weaponize her followers by urging them to contact Estes and get her to stop the story. As she points out, the Globe kissed her ass for years, but she now believes they are working hand in hand with white supremacists (that’s what she calls Turtleboy and everyone who points out what a horrible person she is). She’s also playing the “I got death threats” card in order to victimize herself.


The best part was she included screenshotted tweets from Patrisse Cullors, the ultimate BLM grifter who bought 4 homes worth millions of dollars in the last year.

If you want to prove that you’re not using the deaths of black people to enrich yourself, maybe don’t make it so obvious that you’re modeling your grift off of Patrisse Cullors.


But wait, it gets better. In a post that has since been taken down Monica wrongly accused a divorce attorney named Andy Miller of sending her racist messages, and suggested that he should be the one under investigation by the Globe, not her.


To submit an email message like this to Monica you go on Violence In Boston’s website and fill out this form. Anyone can enter any email without having to verify it by clicking on a link sent to that email address. Since this guy does respectable divorce law and wouldn’t be dumb enough to sign his name to a racist message like this, I’m going to assume that the ex-spouse of someone he represented sought to get revenge on him by sending this message to Monica. They knew she would be dumb enough to fall for it, and then they’d sit back and watch the fireworks.

Hours later Monica took the pictures of him out of her post and edited it, most likely because she was contacted and realized that the last person you should defame on the Internet is an attorney.


However, Monica never did an updated post apologizing to Andy Miller, so her idiotic legion of reparations paying white women already harassed him.

You cannot possibly try harder to impress black people than Susan Stange did with this quote:

“The caucasity to think using your work email ain’t no thang.”

I’ve never seen someone try and fail to appropriate black culture that badly before. The most racist people on earth are always white guilt liberals. Always.

I can’t wait until the Globe article comes out, but it’s too little too late as far as I’m concerned. We blew the whistle on Monica years ago and they continued to promote her anyway. Now that the powers that be have acted on our reporting and begun investigating Monica the Globe suddenly thinks this is newsworthy. Every reporter that covered for her over the years should be fired, because without them Monica is nothing.


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