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Monica Cannon-Grant Is Hosting Her First Post-Indictment Protest When I’m Going Away For Vacation


Breaking News: Monica Cannon-Grant is holding her first protest next Saturday since being arrested and charged by the FBI with fraud in regards to her now former fraudulent nonprofit Violence In Boston INC.

Hopefully this goes better than her 55,000 people protest promoting the Mikayla Miller hoax, in which 19 wack panthers and a brass quartet showed up what they thought was DA Marian Ryan’s headquarters, but was really just a dentist office.


Unfortunately for her, Monica no longer has the juice that she used to because of Turtleboy. We destroyed her credibility and now serious people can’t afford to be seen around her. This protest appears to be against some sort of neo-Nazi group full of feds who played dress up and walked the Freedom Trail a couple weeks ago. They came, and then they left, so I’m not exactly sure what Monica wanted to be done, but it doesn’t really matter because BLM has never really had any goals to begin with. More than likely this is just an excuse for her to talk about herself and rip into people like Rachael Rollins for not dropping the federal charges against her.

This was really only a matter of time. Protesting is literally the only thing she knows how to do, and it’s not like she has a job. She was timid at first because her lawyer probably told her to keep her mouth shut and don’t say anything that could hurt her case. But Monica is a fierce, powerful, Black woman, and she can’t let the white supremacists win. First came the Facebook posts proclaiming her innocence, then came the scathing Facebook Lives vowing revenge on her former supporters who have since disappeared. But Monica can’t be Monica until she’s leading protests in the street. She’s a God damn Civil Rights icon.

I swear to God, she picked August 4 because I’ve announced several times on the Live Show that I’m taking a vacation from July 30-August 4, and would not be publishing any new content or doing any live streams. (I will be re-publishing some of our greatest hits from years go throughout the week so there will be something to read.) Monica is hosting this pointless protest against white supremacy on that date because there is no one she fears more than Turtleboy. She knows I would be there with bells on, megaphone in hand, counter-protesting her racism, violence, and criminality. I ruined the VIB grand opening, and I ruined her protest at BPD headquarters 3 weeks later, and I would take pride in ruining this protest next Saturday.

Oh well, hope it goes as well as the last protest did Monica!



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