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Monica Cannon-Grant Is Threatening To Sue Anyone Who Claims She Raised $60K For Mikayla Miller’s Imaginary Independent Autopsy


Monica Cannon-Grant has been promoted and protected by the Boston Globe for years. Without their assistance she would never have been able to raise to prominence as a civil rights leader and raise millions of dollars for her fraudulent nonprofit Violence In Boston INC. But now that the Boston Globe wrote a story pointing out the simple fact that she is being investigated by the feds, she’s claiming that the Globe is a white supremacist organization allying with Turtleboy.

Monica believes that the Globe should be ignoring the fact that her multi-million dollar organization is being investigated for fraud, and instead should be focusing on the REAL story about how she received “threats” in the form of people with 3 followers DMing her and calling her a racist c***.

“Hey look at me, I can’t be a criminal because I bought a bunch of Goya at BJ’s with the millions of dollars in donated money.”

Meanwhile Monica also is ironically telling random people on Twitter that she is going to trace their IP addresses and sue them for defamation for bringing up the fact that she raised $60K for a GoFundMe to pay for Mikayla Miller’s independent autopsy.

“I never raised $60K.”

The GoFundMe is still up, and still accepting donations.

Here is a collage of all the times Monica Cannon-Grant said she raised money for an independent autopsy of Mikayla Miller.


“Have they completed the autopsy? We are waiting for the report, we should have it by Friday. We are awaiting the report for the autopsy that Violence in Boston paid for.”

We have paid for an independent autopsy. We are awaiting those results.”

On why she hasn’t released the result of the autopsy she claims to have paid for with donated money:

“And then with the independent autopsy, Ben Crump wants to talk to this doctor so he knows what he’s talking about before he releases it.”

“I’m not a doctor, so I don’t have legal right to drop it (the autopsy results).”

“Just because I paid for the independent autopsy, I cannot disclose it. Only her Mom or her legal representation can do that.”

Here she is on Facebook raising money for the GoFundMe to pay for the costs of the independent autopsy.

Here is former VIB board member Monica Coleman commenting on that post.

Here is one of the countless Twitter accounts that shared Monica’s lie about an independent autopsy in order to raise money.

Here is former Boston City Councillor (Monica with a suit) Tito Jackson, sharing the GoFundMe.

Here is a WBUR interview with Attorney Ben Crump in which he also claims that the independent autopsy happened:

An independent autopsy of Miller is complete, Crump said, but he repeatedly declined to release more information about what it found or how it might conflict with the state medical examiner’s ruling.

Here is a WBZ report in which Monica’s organization states that they are paying for an independent autopsy.

“A Boston based group says that it’s paying for an independent autopsy.”

“The group Violence In Boston announced they are paying for an independent autopsy.”

She made it clear dozens of times – the money she was raising with this GoFundMe would be used to pay for an independent autopsy of Mikayla Miller, who died on April 17, 2021. Her body was cremated days later, which would make an autopsy impossible. Everyone who donated to that was defrauded by both Monica and her organization.

Monica is also threatening to send people to jail and sue them for defamation because they’re pointing out that she and her husband are criminals.

Hey Monica, please sue me! I would LOVE to engage in some discovery with your organization, as you would be required to hand over all your financial records and communications with people like Ben Crump.

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