Monica Cannon-Grant Says That Massachusetts Is Lucky She Doesn’t Want Revenge For Breonna Taylor At BLM Rally In Boston 


Today it was announced that none of the police officers who killed Breonna Taylor will be charged with murder or manslaughter. Nor should they be. What happened to her was tragic, but so is cancer and car accidents. She was laundering money for her drug dealing ex-boyfriend, the cops were surveilling her, they had a no knock warrant from a judge, they knocked anyway, no one answered, they kicked down the door, her boyfriend shot one of the cops, the cops started shooting back and she became collateral damage. She didn’t deserve to die but generally when you shoot at cops during a raid they’re going to shoot back. If you want to debate whether or not no knock warrants should be allowed then we can have that debate, but the fact of the matter is that they are and the Louisville Police did have a warrant so no crime was committed.

Black lives matter doesn’t care though because this has never been about justice and has always been about lynching cops. The fact of the matter is that justice is a several month long investigation by the state that reviews facts and evidence and reaches a conclusion. BLM just doesn’t like the conclusion so they’re going to riot and destroy democrat controlled cities that allow it to happen. But it is in fact justice.

There’s no riots in Boston at least, but Monica Cannon-Grant has once again put herself in the center of protests because there’s money to be made off of this. She held a protest in Franklin Park with a bunch of white people and made it clear that we’re lucky that she’s choosing to be non-violent. (Sorry about the video, a turtle rider sent it and it’s the best I have for now. If you have a better version send it over.)

“Massachusetts should be lucky that black folks are only asking for equality and equity, because if we was asking for revenge this fight would look totally different.”

This is just what she does – threatens the people of Massachusetts about what would happen to them if she decided she was out for revenge instead of equality. Except revenge is exactly what BLM wants, which is why two cops in Louisville were shot tonight, and equality under the law already exists. Monica portrays herself as non-violent but she has called for revenge and murder several times, particularly in her rant about how Malcolm X would’ve blown the heads off of Rayla Campbell supporters for being white.

Yet the media continues to allow her lies to go unchallenged because like Marty Walsh they are afraid of her. I called out the Boston Globe yesterday while interviewed by Boston 25 News at the 29:50 mark of this video, but it appears as if they chose not to air it.

Because they are covering for her. They want ratchet, violent sociopaths like MCG to be the face of black lives matter because they know it will lead to destruction and violence, which in turn is good for business for them.


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