Monica Cannon-Grant Violated Bail Conditions By Stealing Her Ailing Father’s Social Security Check In Latest Scam To Pay Bills


Monica Cannon-Grant was back in the news last week for violating her bail conditions by defrauding someone. This time it wasn’t dumb liberal white people afraid of calling her racist, it was her old man. He is apparently in a vulnerable state and might be dying, so naturally Monica dipped into his social security and veteran’s benefits to pay off her bills.

The terms of Monica’s release state that she is not allowed to have access to “disbursement of monetary fund” or “any other fiduciary responsibilities.”

Nevertheless she suddenly decided to take an interest in her father after realizing she was broke and got $4K a month in social security. She became his fiduciary in October, knowing full well she was not allowed to do this, and was denied by the court in February when she sought permission. Nevertheless she kept cashing the checks until May 2023 anyway, paying for groceries and sending cash to her grown children.

It was all a big misunderstanding. Somehow the explicit language of “no fiduciary responsibilities” wasn’t clear to her when she applied to become his fiduciary and hid that from the court. Kind of like how she didn’t understand that you’re not allowed spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on yourself if it comes from donated money to your fraudulent nonprofit.

My question is, why didn’t she have her bail revoked for violating the terms of her release? Must be that white privilege thing again.

Nevertheless, Monica’s doing what she always does though – making herself the victim.

She just can’t help herself, and I’m here for it.

It’s pretty telling that headlines like this hardly get any attention anymore. Monica used to be able to work up a crowd and have idiots come to her defense while the media provided cover for her. Now she can’t do that, and this story will end with her going to federal prison. Burying this sea cow is one of my proudest accomplishments since starting the blog almost 10 years ago, and watching her squirm and struggle like this is extremely satisfying. Couldn’t happen to a more horrible person.

P.S. Is Billerica High School planning on inviting her back next year for Black History Month? Seems like things are going well for her.




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