Morbidly Obese Drunk Driving Banker And Gamer Thrilled To See Rhode Island Force Gym To Close To Keep Him Safe


A Rhode Island judge ordered that a gym owner in defiance of a state mandated lockdown on all gyms was in violation of a restraining order from the state and had to be shut down yesterday.

This is the definition of tyranny, and it’s happening because the government knows that they’ve lied and fearmongered enough to the population that they will agree that giving up civil liberties in exchange for imaginary safety is worth it. So long as they send us all a couple grand and tell us we’re “saving lives” by destroying businesses like this then the population will be pacified and not fight back. I for one am looking forward to the civil war and eventual armed insurrection which will happen if they keep arbitrarily messing with people’s livelihoods like this.

To show you just how easy it is for the government to do this let me first show you this:

That’s Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo at a black lives matter protest (which turned into a riot) in June, holding hands with BLM protesters, none of who are wearing masks, despite having a mask mandate in the state. She apologized for it because she was caught being a hypocritical fraud, then pretended it never happened.

Two months later she was photographed at a business while vacationing in Block Island without a mask on once again.

This time the owner provided cover for her, said it was no big deal, and she never had to respond to it because the media was too busy blaming Trump for killing 250,000 people.

In a normal society people would be so outraged by this hypocrisy that they would refuse to comply with demands that elected leaders themselves are unwilling to comply with. There would be widespread revolt and antagonism for tyrants like Gina Raimondo.

But we no longer live in a society like that. We live in a country filled with morbidly obese socialists who are perfectly happy being governed like this, and they’re enjoying the lockdown because sitting on their ass and collecting a check isn’t much of a lifestyle change.

Never has this been more apparent than when NBC 10 posted the story about the gym closure.

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The top comment with the most likes was this one:

“Anyone complaining about this needs to re-evaluate their lives.”

Only in America 2020 could productive, physically fit members of society be told to “re-evaluate their lives” by a man who looks like he ate a buck of Crisco for breakfast.

“Yes this should be closed. Yes sometimes adults need to make decisions that other adults are not able to for the greater good.” 

Yea, I don’t care about the greater good. This is the same tyrannical nonsense this country rebelled from at its foundation. “Just pay the King’s taxes and let redcoats sleep in your homes – it’s for the greater good.”

More importantly, this is not for the greater good and never has been. The greater good comes from businesses remaining open so that they can pay their employees and provide society with services they wish to pay for. These businesses pay taxes that go towards services we all need. The greater good means keeping gyms open when there is a virus out there that specifically preys on fat people.

Question for Camden – were you thinking about the “greater good” when you got behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated and drove around with an open container?

Should we ban alcohol and driving until the public health crisis of drinking and driving magically disappears too? New rule – if you’ve ever been arrested for a DUI you are not allowed to publicly express your opinions about the greater good or saving lives.

This picture was hilarious too.

We are being lectured about the importance of “staying home” in order to “save lives” by alcoholics who drive around drunk with no regard for others.

But just like most people who have no problem watching others lose everything, Camden is unaffected by this because he’s a banker who works from home, has no kids, and is a “gamer.”

In other words, he’s a lardo with a house full of cats whose industry has profited immensely from the lockdowns and wants more of it.

There have been exactly zero cases of COVID linked to this gym which was shut down, but Camden doesn’t care about that either.

Brilliant. You can’t spread disease at the gym if it’s closed. By that logic you can’t kill someone if you don’t drive a car, therefore we should outlaw cars. Boom – no driving fatalities.

Then they used the ol’ World War 2 comparison.

During World War 2 we were facing tyrannical foreign powers responsible for murdering millions. Japan bombed the United States and killed over 2,000 soldiers. If they had kept bombing us many more would’ve died, and unlike coronavirus children can actually be killed by bombs.

In response to these attacks young men signed up to invade foreign lands in order to save the world. We did not hide in our homes and hope the Germans and Japanese went away. We fought, knowing that people would die, because that’s what free people do.

The amount of contempt you should have these people is immeasurable. They are horrible, useless wastes of space, and our country has no future if we are forced to live together. We will never be able to find common ground with people like this and need to just move forward with the national divorce. No one should be putting up with this anymore.

Camden then blamed Rhode Islanders for not being “responsible,” despite having mask mandates for months now that clearly have not worked, and suggested that people could just exercise outside instead of going to the gym.

Ya know who says something like that? Someone who’s never exercised in their life. Winter is about to start. There will be snow everywhere and it’s freezing balls outside. This is exactly when people want to go to the gym, and you can’t bench press outside during a blizzard.

According to drunk driver Camden though, it’s up to the gym to adapt because GE, Ford, and Tesla all started selling face masks.

Yea, it’s just that simple. Small businesses in Rhode Island should spend hundreds of thousands of dollars converting to making products that they are completely unfamiliar with for a couple months (or however long Gina Raimondo decides to keep doing this) just like the billion dollar corporations who have made bank off the lockdown did.

The lawyer for the Rhode Island Department of Health pointed out exactly why they need to close gyms like this in her pleadings.

“If this gym remains open we’ve already got another gym that is refusing to close, it’s going to start a domino effect.”

Exactly. The last thing they want is widespread civil disobedience from business owners, because they will quickly realize how powerless they are if businesses unite and refuse to be shut down like this. At this point any business complying with these orders is part of the problem and should be named and shamed by the patriots who refuse to comply.

Stand up.

Fight back.

This is America.

Be free.


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