Mother Alleges Racism After “My Black Son” Is Briefly Asked Why He’s Urinating In Public And Assaulting Police Officers


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WTNHA rally was held on Saturday in response to an incident involving a Black college student and Fairfield Police. The police say the student was drunk and urinating on someone’s lawn during Fairfield U’s annual Clam Jam at Penfield Beach, but the student’s mother says the police unfairly targeted her son because he’s Black.

“It was not until he was actually on our property that then they I think found a reason to come towards him,” the student’s mtoher, Amanda Hanson said in an interview, “We have eyewitnesses who saw me fleeing on foot flying down my staircase outside.”

20 year-old Naquan Oliver is the student from the incident. He spoke out for the first time on Saturday, saying, “Two weeks ago, I experienced a series of events that were unexpected and disturbing.”

Police say during the Clam Jam, Naquan Oliver was drunk and had to be escorted to a medical tent set up by the school. Police say Oliver became unruly and belligerent towards the medical staff and at one point and tried to run away. The Dean of Students intervened and decided Oliver had to leave the party and be taken home. Sometime after that, police say they saw Oliver running on Fairfield Beach Road shouting obscenities at them. They say they then saw him go into a driveway.

Officers followed him and say they saw him up against a fence, preparing to urinate on the ground. Police say they approached him and he started yelling at them, saying he lived at that home. They say they asked for an ID, but there was a different address listed on it. Police say Oliver then tried to walk back into the street but an officer put her arm up to stop him because of traffic in the area.  A third officer approached the door of the home to try and confirm that he lived there. A woman came out and asked what was happening, that woman said she was Oliver’s mother.

Mom is now speaking out. Hanson said at the rally, “It’s much bigger than a single police department or school system, it’s a bigger systemic issue we are suffering from. It’s unconscious bias as a people of color. We seem to fear that which is different from us.”

In a statement, Fairfield police say the officers involved acted properly, reasonably, and with great restraint and patience. They also say racism played no part in this encounter whatsoever and any attempt to paint it in such a manner is completely false. They say this encounter was entirely caused by the intoxicated behavior of the student.

Chief Lyddy said, “There was no use of force. The individual was never patted down. He was momentarily detained to determine if he lived there.”

Hanson said, “I saw something very differently. I responded very differently.” 

“Two weeks ago today, my BLACK son, who is 20 years old, was accused of trespassing on his own property.”

Since the incident, Hanson has met with local families of color. She believes that racism is prevalent in Fairfield.

“Two weeks ago I experienced a series of events that were unexpected and disturbing” said Naquan Oliver. 

This is not racism. This is a drunken and disorderly person urinating on private property that he could not prove he lived at. This is creating racism out of routine police work that was being done to protect the community from out of control college students, which is an ongoing problem in any college town.

Mom of course had to emphasize that her son was was black in order to turn a routine incident which arrested in the arrest of nobody, and turn it into racial incident.

I think it’s pretty obvious from looking at Naquan Oliver that he is in fact black. But she felt the need to point it out anyway, likely because it made her feel good about herself. And feeling good about herself is a theme for Amanda Hanson.

Amanda’s husbad Bryan is very successful, as are most people from Fairfield since it’s one of the highest per capital counties in the country.

After recently serving as the President of a lucrative medical supply company, he was hired to be the CEO of a multi-billon dollar corporation in Stamford:

Zimmer Biomet makes artificial knees, hips and other implants, earning $1.8 billion last year on sales of $7.8 billion and entering 2018 with a workforce of some 18,200 employees. That number was padded last December with the addition of Bryan Hanson as CEO, with Hanson a Fairfield resident and former senior executive in the New Haven-area offices of Medtronic and Covidien. Hanson is separately a board member of the Stamford-based humanitarian aid nonprofit Americares.

I don’t know his salary, but logic would dictate that it’s quite high. High enough to enable his wife to have unlimited time and resources to fix the world’s problems. For instance, she’s involved in the Fresh Air Fund program, which purports itself to be some sort of white savior organization that saves children of color from the horrors of living in their own communities:

Amanda Hanson got involved with the Fresh Air Fund program 12 years ago with the thought it would be wonderful to have inner-city children experience suburban life.

“The benefits for me and my family, I sometimes believe, have way outweighed the benefits of the kids we’ve hosted,” said Hanson, a 45-year-old resident of Fairfield. “We have grown and learned so much.”

She also does other charity work  working with another non-profit that fixes poverty in Central America:

AmeriCares supporters gathered at Riverside Yacht Club on May 5 to build momentum for the AmeriCares Airlift Benefit on Oct. 1. The gala, held at Westchester County Airport, culminates with a group of guests taking flight to see AmeriCares programs in El Salvador. Roberta and Jim Conroy, Amanda and Bryan Hanson, Julie and Bas NieuweWeme, and Sarah and Alexander Saint-Amand are co-chairing the event.

You’ll notice from there 2016 event, which raised $2.9 billion in one night, that almost every person who attended was wealthy, white, and wore a sport coat with an unbuttoned shirt and no tie.

And when that wasn’t enough she started a $60,000 GoFundMe.

Something she easily could’ve just written a check for herself, but then wouldn’t get the chance to virtue signal to her rich friends about the work she’s doing.

But the media hasn’t covered any of this. They also never printed the police’s version of events, but we will:

Among the 1600 attendees was a 20-year-old student who became intoxicated and had to be steadied and escorted to a medical tent the university set up and staffed. One of the specific purposes of the tent was to medically evaluate and observe students who appeared too intoxicated to function, and/or were at risk of incapacitation. While being evaluated by medical staff, the student became very unruly and belligerent towards staff and police officers and at one point tried to run away. The Dean of Students responded and attempted to reason with the student, but to no avail.

Eventually the dean decided the student had to leave the party and was going to be taken home. He left the beach under escort by the dean, yelling the entire time. A short time later, officers assigned to Fairfield Beach Rd, near Lalley Blvd, unaware of what occurred inside the party, observed the same student run past them eastbound on Fairfield Beach Rd. As he did so he shouted obscenities at them and “gave them the finger”. The officers ignored him completely and the student continued on his way in the direction of Penfield Beach. As the student approached the front of Penfield Beach, he ran past a second contingent of officers and did the same thing. He was completely ignored by these officers as well. The student then turned around and ran westbound on Fairfield Beach Rd, repeating his behavior as he past the officers a second time. He was again ignored completely.

As he continued westbound in the street, officers observed the student suddenly take a left into a driveway on the beach side. Believing he either was trying to reenter the Clam Jam by sneaking in, or was trespassing on private property, two officers entered the driveway. When they did, they observed the student up against a fence preparing to urinate on the ground, which is among one of the chief complaints neighbors have. When officers questioned him, he began yelling and swearing and stated he lived at the home. Suspicious that he was urinating on the ground in his own yard instead of using a bathroom, the officers asked for an ID, which when presented had an address from a different street in town. All the while, the student was yelling and swearing. The officers never raised their voices nor did they engage in any behavior that they themselves were being subjected to by the student.

The student attempted to walk back into the street but an officer put her arm up, palm out, to stop him, because traffic, especially Ubers picking up students, began flooding the area. The student continued advancing on her pressing his chest against her hand in an attempt to get past her, but he failed to do so. Eventually he stopped, but not before numerous cars had to stop due to his behavior.

As a third officer approached the door of the home to confirm his claim of residency, a woman came out and asked what was going on. When the officer asked if the student was her son, she replied “Yes” at which point the officer asked, “Can you take him inside, he’s really drunk?” The woman engaged the officer in an extremely hostile tone, used profanities, and accused the officer of being racist. Again, the officer did not raise his voice or make any comments that would escalate the situation. The officer reiterated his request and concern for the student’s safety due to intoxication. The women took her sons hand and escorted him into the home. The entire event lasted less than 3 minutes.

TL;DR – drunken student gets kicked out of college hosted party on the beach, was intentionally provocative with several cops who did not reciprocate or engage him, urinated on his own property and then failed to provide proof that he lived there, tried to get back into the party he was kicked out of by running into traffic, assaulted the female police officer who attempted to stop him, and nearly caused several cars to crash. Instead of thanking the police for saving his life and not arresting him his mother came outside and swore at the cops while accusing them of being racist. After having several days to cool off and apologize she elected to hold a rally and call the police racist instead.

Of course Naquan knows that he was drunk and disorderly, and certainly wasn’t the victim of racism, but he went along with it anyway because it’s easier to be a victim than it is to hold yourself responsible for your behavior.

“We have diversity here but we just have to find a way to get rid of those biases that have turned into a systemic problem,” he said.

The biggest systemic problem is a college town is the problem of drunken college students damaging taxpayer’s property.

Amanda Hanson says she’s starting a movement over this:

“I said to my husband we’re moving or we’re gonna start a movement,” she said, “because I couldn’t handle how ignorant people were to race issues.”

Consequently, she said the first step is raising awareness about the idea that there are “unconscious biases and racism” here and everywhere. Amanda Hanson said institutions like the police department and schools need to be held accountable, even if there is education to be done to make that happen.

This is just pure narcissism. It’s patriarchal behavior from a woman who believes that she’s in a position to lecture other people about racism because she runs a patriarchal program that brings children of color into her white neighborhood for show and tell.

She also wants everyone to read a book:

She also would like to see residents of Fairfield reading a book called “White Fragility” by Robin Diangelo, and subsequently getting together for some community discussions on the material.

“It’s been a personal mission to become more racially literate and to become a better human,” she said.

White Fragility is a book that white people filled with white guilt read so they won’t feel so bad about being white.

Finally this:

Hanson, following a phone conversation with Lyddy, said she was interested in bringing Undoing Racism — a workshop by The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond — to the Fairfield police department in an effort of solidarity.

The racism-industrial complex in action. Create the illusion of racism from non-racist events, then sell the cure for it.


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