Mother In Law Defends Dartmouth Man’s Honor On DPD Facebook Page After Arrest For Flashing Mutton Dagger At Strange Women


The Dartmouth Police today announced that they’d arrested a guy who’s been flashing his unmentionables at strange women in the local area.

Who wouldn’t want to get an unsolicited gander at his womb broom? He totally doesn’t fit the face of your run of the mill pervert.

As it turns out this guy is happily married with a child at home.

He pretends to be the lovey dovey family man on the Facebook machine.

“I love you so much, now excuse me while I show a bunch of strange women my tuna torpedo.”

Shockingly his mother in law showed up to defend his honor on the DPD Facebook page, and she insisted that they got this one wrong.

Right. The DPD arrested him for something totally different and then just randomly posted that he was arrested for exposing himself to several women. Mistakes like that happen all the time.

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According to her this was all “fails information.”

Please, enlighten us to what the truth is Jodi. Do you have any?

Looks like we’ll just have to trust her. After all, if the allegations are true than it would make her took pretty stupid. Do these look like stupid people to you?

No way Jose!

The DPD saw what was happening and tried to guide her in the right direction.

But she wasn’t trying to hear any of that either, because she had proof that he wasn’t guilty of what he was being accused of.

He couldn’t have been arrested for whipping out the tonsil tickler because he was arrested in front of a Wendy’s, and not at UMass. Case closed.

Hey Jodi, if you’d like to explain to us why your son in law was the victim of a fails arrest then hit us up on Facebook or send me an email at [email protected] I’d love to have you on the podcast so you can fill us in on the missing deets for this one.


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