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Mother Of Fall River Boy Who Died From Starvation Starts GoFundMe For Funeral Expenses In New York Despite Abandoning Him And Not Having Custody


Fall River Reporter: A mother of a 14-year-old boy that died, while living in Fall River, is looking for justice. Sarah Almond is the mother of David, Michael, and Joshua Almond who are triplets. David and Michael Almond were living on Green Street and found in disturbing conditions when David was later pronounced deceased. Independent investigations have begun into the death.

Sarah currently lives in the state of New York where the triplets were born. David was always the captain of the triplets and had a huge personality. He loved listening to music and playing the guitar. When we contacted Sarah, she was understandably still in shock and pain over what has happened to her son.

“This is the worst and most painful thing I’ve ever went through.”

Almond is hoping that changes will be made and that David’s death will not be in vain.

“I hope and pray that David gets the justice he deserves and that things will change and this
will never ever happen to another child again.”

Sarah is hoping that people keep his story alive.

“It means a lot knowing that people out there are saying his name and telling his story.”

We have been told through sources that David’s funeral has been paid for by area companies.

I blogged about this story a couple weeks ago, and pointed out that this child would not have died from starvation if the schools had been fully reopened as they should and could be. But obviously the junkie Dad and girlfriend are the primary people to blame here, as is DCF. They all failed this child.

But the question I had when the story first came out was “where is Mom?” It’s a mother’s job to protect their kid from monsters, and until I read this update I had no idea Mom was even alive. Now all of a sudden Sarah Dawes-Amond is in Utica “looking for justice.”

And of course the only way to get justice is to start a GoFundMe for the dead kid she abandoned.

“David tragically had his life taken away from the people who were supposed to be caring for him.”

Newsflash – YOU were supposed to be taking care of him. He came out of you. Then you just up and left them, knowing that the sperm donor was an unfit drug addict. Now they’re dead, and it’s your fault too. You are not the victim here, you are the problem.

Meanwhile, Grandma is celebrating that the corpse of her grandson is “coming home” to upstate New York.

Back where he was happy? What steps did you take to fight for these kids to live in Utica where he was happy? The triplets were born in February 2006. Here’s a letter to the editor that Sarah wrote to the local newspaper in 2007.

If TV is so bad for children, why aren’t computers? Why would it be prejudice to have a white TV station but not a black and Spanish one? Why can’t we make our own toys and toothpaste here before the Chinese kill us all? We can’t drill for oil due to harming wildlife, but we have no problem murdering unborn children. Why? Why do we have the death penalty when a police officer dies but not when it’s a convenience store worker? If somebody tried to take your house would you fight for it? Then why wouldn’t you fight for your country? Can anybody offer logical answers to these questions?


This line:

“but we have no problem murdering unborn children.”

Yea, you’re so morally opposed to abortion that you gave birth to three kids who you then abandoned. You’re way better than women who get abortions because your kid died a slow and painful death. How about we put parents like you in jail to show the world what happens when you create life and then refuse to care for it?

Someone else, who apparently is from the other side of the family, called Grandma out on her post.

So the funeral is already paid for by someone else, but the woman who abandoned the boy to die wants to make a few hundred bucks off the tragedy by exploiting people’s sympathy. Got it.


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