Mother Of Lawrence Man Who Killed 11 Year Old Girl While Fleeing Police Blames The Girl’s Parents On Facebook Post


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On Sunday a woman named Emma Sanchez created a GoFundMe for her son Selvin Lima, alleging that he was in the hospital in a medically induced coma due to a “tragic accident.” Except it wasn’t an accident – Selvin Lima fled from the Lawrence police during a routine traffic stop and killed an 11 year old girl after smashing headfirst into a car in which she was a passenger.

He fled because he was driving with a suspended license and didn’t want to go to jail. He was willing to endanger the lives of thousands of people in Lawrence because he was too selfish to face the consequences of driving with a suspended license. That wasn’t a “tragic accident.” It was a conscious choice he made, and as a result of his selfishness an 11 year old girl is now dead.

His mother also lied about him being in a medically induced coma either, as we saw when he was crying from his hospital bed while being arraigned.

Don’t let those tears fool you. He doesn’t actually care about the 11 year old girl he killed, he’s crying because he knows he’s going to be held responsible for killing her.

Luckily the GoFundMe was shut down, likely because so many people reported it. Based on what the killer’s mother posted today on Facebook, blaming the deceased girl’s parents for not putting a seatbelt on her, it’s clear that it wasn’t taken down by her.

Imagine how low and heartless you have to be to blame a bunch of people who are grieving, and whose lives are destroyed because of the actions of your son? This is why her son grew up with no regard at all for human life – because he was raised by Emma Sanchez.

The woman whose Facebook post Sanchez shared is equally as horrid.

As you can see, she has reproduced. You would think that having a child would make you empathize a little more with a grieving mother. Instead she’s blaming the family in order to defend the criminal who killed their daughter.

And yes, 11 year old Taysha Silva was wearing a seatbelt, which is why you didn’t see any bodies flying out of the car in the video of the crash. It’s just not easy to survive when someone driving 40-50 mph in a residential neighborhood plows headfirst into your car coming from the opposite direction.

Hopefully this family gets the justice they deserve, and Selvin Lima is denied the opportunity to raise his children while he rots in a jail cell. Why should he be able to be around his kids when he’s taken that opportunity away from Taysha Silva’s family?


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