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Mother Of Malnourished And Neglected Ware Children Starts GoFundMe To Prove Her Innocence After Refusing To Take Urine Drug Test For DCF


This is Kayla Nietzel from Ware.

Last night she posted a link to a GoFundMe she started for herself in the Ware Community Forum Facebook group, and it’s quite the story.

OK, so she’s a stay at home Mom, which means she doesn’t work. Her “ex husband” paid for things, yet now she’s homeless (despite buying the house together) and she’s lost her litter of children. She voluntarily shared with strangers completely irrelevant details about sleeping in different rooms, how her husband isn’t “the only one on drugs” in their house, that she has a caseworker and “looks horrible on paper,” and something about Mass Health and figuring out how to pass the time with no kids.

So what’s the money for exactly? She explained that more in detail in the GFM itself.

She’s going to “prove her innocence” to get her kid back. Always a high percentage move from the DCF Mafia. Here’s her story.


  • Her hubby John McClellan went to the mental ward prompting his mother to file a 51A against Kayla because Kayla allegedly got him drugs that put him in the hospital
  • She was going to prove her innocence by taking a urine test but Mass Health has to change her free doctor first
  • They wouldn’t let her take the urine test unless she admitted to being on drugs first, so she refused
  • She invited John back home when he got out of the mental ward but he immediately was abusive towards the kids by throwing candy bars at them, so she kicked the crap out of him
  • She took a nap in their 5K square foot house with the children at home, and when he got back from a bender he began calling her names
  • She attempted to roll a cigarette but the tobacco was all gone and he began chasing her around the house
  • While she was passed out he allowed their one year old named Gus to climb up to the attic, she rescued the child and he pushed her down the attic staircase while she was holding him
  • She tried to call 911 but he unplugged the phone, and when the cops arrived he filed a retaliatory 51A against her alleging that she’s a drug dealer
  • DCF workers come over and saw the house in squalor but it’s OK because she had friends over for her birthday bash
  • DCF came back the next day and asked to see her arms to check for track marks and she refused to show them because the track marks were from when she USED to do heroin
  • DCF said the kids are going to foster homes unless Grandma agreed to take them in, which Kayla was apprehensive about
  • In order to get the kids back Kayla has to pass a drug test, which is 45 minutes away so she needs $1,000 to get there since Mass Health is taking too long to switch her doctors

So in conclusion, I still have no idea what the $1,000 will go towards, other than an Uber to take a piss test that she will no doubt fail miserably. However, she did claim to put over $112,000 in repairs into the house.

But she still needs $1,000 for the Uber.

It looks like her and her husband Keanu Fleas are doing a bang up job raising their four children from the looks of her Facebook page.

They get to do arts and crafts on the walls.

They never have to get haircuts, wear shirts, clean, or have to make their beds.

And they get exercise time in their very safe and clean living room.

A lot of people had questions though. For instance, if he’s your husband then why does he get the house?

So she’s not “married” married, she’s Kate Peter married. She doesn’t actually own the home, but she did nag him about getting his credit up so that he could buy a home. That counts, right?

She insisted that DCF wouldn’t let her take a drug test until she admitted that she was on drugs, which completely defeats the purpose of taking a drug test.

Sure thing.

I’m not sure how these two slugpumps came to own property (or if they actually do at all), but the house is old and big, and last month she announced in the same group that she was renting out rooms for $500-600 a month, with the caveat that tenants must not steal from her.

Two years ago her plan was to drive around various cities, picking up drug addicted bums to stay with her and her four kids.

That definitely sounds like the thinking process of someone who is well suited to raise children.

Her “ex-husband” seems like a real winner himself, and loves getting dressed up for court day bathroom selfies.



What did he do wrong last year to necessitate a trip to the courthouse? Got kicked out of his house and violated a protection order of course.

Yes, this sounds like a very healthy environment for children.

One of the downsides to owning property is that you have to shovel your sidewalk. Apparently this was news to Kayla though, as she thought the town of Ware was supposed to do that for her, and that she should get a miscarriage/breakup exemption. She posted about it in the Facebook forum last month before things went downhill.

The town gave her a ticket for not shoveling her sidewalk, which she thought was “unjust” because she had a miscarriage while shoveling, so now she’s going to single handedly change the town bylaws so that someone else will shovel for her.

Once she gets that by law changed the house will be worth a million dollars though.

She just won’t be living in it or owning it because she never owned it in the first place.

She’s also psyched that schools are closed because now there’s no reason for her kids to read books.

That might be the most Ware thing anyone has ever written on the Internet.

Her malnourished and neglected kids will NOT be going to school or getting any sort of vaccines because they only use God brand organic products.

They’re really big on science in her house, which they learned about by watching a YouTube video that told them ventilators and vaccines kill people.

“These are my kids.”

Correction – these WERE your kids. Now they belong to DCF.

According to Kayla her kids are thriving with remote learning because her son doesn’t have to have friends, and his normal friends are all bad kids who make him behave badly.

Translation – her out of control neglected son who has turned their house into an art project every time she passes out during a bender, is no longer getting suspended from school because you can’t get suspended if there is no school. For all the people who want schools to remain closed, this is your peer group. These are the kind of homes and the kind of parents you are keeping them in because you’re afraid of a virus.

And when her kids are finally out of the house she’ll have more time to travel to local universities and sit in the back of classrooms getting educated for free.

Anyway, there’s pretty much nothing Track Mark Tracy won’t hare on social media. Like how in her family SHE is the responsible parent who periodically takes her sister’s crotch fruits in and throws them on the pile.

They may not originally be from Ware, but they were drawn to that town for a reason, as it’s quite possibly the easiest place in Massachusetts for a clan of ratchets like this to blend in without getting noticed.


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