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Mother Puts Tracking Device On Cars Belonging To Daughter’s Ex-Boyfriend And His New Girlfriend, Daughter Defends Mom’s Actions


For MVTB’s colorful analysis on this story click here to read it on TBS.

Here’s an interesting story out of Plainfield, CT:

Why would a 49 year old woman put tracking devices on a man and his girlfriend’s vehicles? According to the woman’s daughter it was done to protect her.


So she dated a man who was 25 when she was 16, and this somehow makes it OK that Mom not only put a tracking device on his car 6 years after the fact, but also put one on his new girlfriend’s car? And you want people to believe that HE is the one who is obsessed here? Yea, I don’t think you’re nearly as innocent as you pretend to be.

The real question is, why would Mom also track the guy’s new girlfriend? What does she have to do with his past? It’s almost as if Mom didn’t like the fact that he had moved on with his life, and her daughter was feeding into her insanity by giving Mom information on his new girlfriend. Something tells me crazy runs in this family.

She insisted that she was the victim of harassment for years though.

Did you file for a harassment order if you were so bothered by his harassment? Nope. You plotted with Mom to stalk him instead. That will definitely teach him a lesson about why stalking is bad though. Definitely.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s gross and pathetic if a 25 year old man actually dated a 16 year old woman. But I don’t remember the moral outrage when this happened:

Except from Zack Morris of course, but his outrage was more selfish than anything.

Danielle is not a victim, but nevertheless she continued to present herself as one.

Not just “thank you.” “Literally thank you.”

Question though – how did dating this guy “cost” your family? Who was hurt here exactly? You dated a guy when you were a teenager, you mother knew about it and did nothing, you dumped him when you got to college, and then your Mom stalked his new girlfriend. The only thing that was hurt here was the 4th Amendment.

But her victim blaming strategy was garnering plenty of sympathy in the comments:

The gameplan is set from now on if you get arrested and publicly shamed for something – just claim that the victim was a bad person and the townsfolk will turn the criminal into the hero.

According to a woman in the comments the arrested woman had previously tutored the victim for years.

This is what Mom seems to be referring to here:

If he was a dangerous menace who deflowered her daughter before she was 18, then why would Mom continue to help him graduate from college? It’s almost as if they don’t really think he’s a bad guy and they’re upset that he’s moved on with his life.


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