MTA President Merrie Najimy Accuses Governor Baker Of Racism For Using White On Map For Towns With Low COVID Numbers 


Merrie Najimy is the President of the Massachusetts Teacher’s Association, who has been urging member unions to refuse to go back to work “until it’s safe.”

It should be note that Merrie’s tenure as an elementary school teacher in Concord was a failure, which is why she became a full time union organizer instead. She is not a teacher, she is an activist and and an embarrassment to teachers everywhere, which she made blatantly clear last week when she posted about Charlie Baker’s alleged racism for his choice of color on a COVID map.

“Let’s not lose sight of the implicit bias in the decision to use the color white to indicate which communities are safe for returning to school.”

This is the intellectual thought leader of the teacher’s union. Using the color white is racist. Wait until she finds out who goes first in chess.

It should be noted that she brought the color of the map before she brought up the issues with alleged safety due to the HVAC system, which the teachers are suddenly experts on. Clearly this woman is a race baiting activist first, and her concerns for the teachers come after her quest for wokeness.

Merrie Najimy is not a serious person, nor should she be treated as one. Teachers in member unions would be wise to disregard anything she says because she clearly is not looking out for your best interest. Just ask the teachers in Andover who have now been locked out of the buildings and can’t use the bathrooms as they sit outside of the schools and refuse to do their jobs. Oh, and they’re getting their pay docked.

The full force of the MTA behind them? What does that mean? Some Facebook posts and protests? How is that going to help them pay their bills if their pay is being docked? Teachers get paid for 183 days, so losing a day’s pay means they lose 1/183 of their salary, which is a lot more than 1/365 of their salary. But please, keep following the lady who thinks the governor is racist because he used the color white.

I’m also torn on this because Andover Superintendent Shelley Berman is one of the most corrupt and incompetent administrators in the state.

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I would like to make it that I am not “attacking” teachers. I’m attacking lazy people who won’t do their jobs. Plenty of teachers want to work and I hear from them every day. More importantly, I’m advocating for children, particularly at risk children, who desperately need in person education and a return to normalcy.


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