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MTA President Merrie Najimy Claims Picture Of Her Cutting Line To Get Vaccine At Gillette Stadium Was Photoshopped


Editor’s Note – MTA members deserve to know that while they wait their turn for the vaccine their leader cut in front of them. Feel free to post the link to this blog in the comments section of any post on the MTA Facebook page found here.

Earlier today we published a blog showing MTA President Merrie Najimy getting the second dose of the COVID vaccine at Gillette stadium. This seemed hypocritical since Najimy has been a vocal critic of the state’s rollout of the vaccine, and has stated that the union’s position is that schools should not reopen until all teachers are vaccinated. Najimy is not a teacher, nor is she eligible for the vaccine, so the optics of her cutting the line while teachers remain unvaccinated seemed problematic.

You must be 65 years old to qualify for the vaccine. Najimy is in her early 50’s.

You can get the vaccine if you accompany an elderly person, but Najimy was there alone according to the woman who took the picture. Regardless, it’s a horrible look considering the fact that Najimy made it seem like the vaccine was impossible to get.

Perhaps unaware that she had been seen, Najimy posted a Boston Globe article on her personal Facebook page bemoaning the estimated wait time to receive the vaccine shortly after the blog was published, which ironically included a cover photo of Gillette where she was vaccinated.

Almost immediately a turtle rider who read the blog about her posted the link on her page and pointed out what a hypocrite she was. Najimy claims it was photoshopped.

She has since deleted her comments, probably because she realizes how ridiculous it looks to play the “I was photoshopped” card. It’s about as believable as “I was hacked.”

“Nice trick from Turtleboy.”

There were no tricks here. This image was posted in a Facebook group by a concerned parent whose children are not allowed to go to school 5 days a week because Najimy and the teacher’s union don’t mind hurting making them suffer. I reached out to the woman who took the photograph for comment to see if there was any truth to Najimy’s allegation.

“I took the pic in person with my phone that time stamped. The Gilette Vaccination nurse said all “low risk second shot people” should sit in the 2nd section and beyond for a 15 minute observation. There she was. The QUEEN of EVIL. Sitting right up front in that section. I swear, so many people knew it was her, and she just sat there smugly blending in (she is a legend in her own mind)…taking care of herself as usual.”

She presented time stamped images showing Najimy at Gillette at 10 AM on Tuesday.

She was also alone, which means she didn’t get to cut the line by accompanying an elderly person. She cut the line because she knows people and has influence as the President of the MTA.

Merrie Najimy is a liar who couldn’t hack it as a teacher. Due to her actions vulnerable children must sit in their homes suffering from severe mental illness, falling behind in their classes, and being denied some of the most irreplaceable moments of their lives. She disgraces an honorable profession and should resign her position immediately. The dues paying members of the MTA deserve better representation than they’re getting from her.


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