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Multiple Worcester Cops Assaulted And Bitten Breaking Up Fight After Beer Garden And Mechanics Hall Host Ghetto Bait Event  


I visited the newly opened Beer Garden in downtown Worcester a couple months ago. It’s a nice place and serves as a centerpiece for Worcester’s alleged “renaissance” that the media, Mayor, and City Manager insist is happening here. I liked it because it seemed to keep out the riff-raff by serving hoodrat kryptonite – craft beer. But apparently a lot has changed in the last couple of months based on what happened there on Friday night.

Here’s the video. In the second one you can see the police officer getting bit at the 34 second mark.

This animal really bit him.

Just look at these wild beasts walking around in their panties, calling it a Halloween costume, and assaulting rivals and police officers.

This woman hit a cop and acted surprised when she got taken down and cuffed.

Meet Monique Agbanyo from Leicester.

She was out assaulting cops in her underpants while her child was sitting at home, probably wishing they had a real Mom.

Don’t listen to Maddie, she’s just being polite. You’re actually a terrible mother and the DCF fairy should kidnap your child if they hope to have any shot in life.

Octavia Miller was arrested too.

Five years from now you’ll be able to find her at the nail salon, complaining to anyone who will listen that “my baby daddy ain’t s***.”

Ironically she often posts about people who act like she did last night in public.

That video is everything that is wrong with ghetto culture. A bunch of people surrounding the cops, trying to interfere with lawful arrests, and rushing to the defense of people who are literally biting police officers. I was unable to find Natalie Price on Facebook, but I would imagine her page is filled with dog filters and bathroom selfies. You have to be a special kind of ghetto to see a cop’s baton on the ground during a melee and try to steal it from them.

If ICE ever wants to rebrand, perhaps they should stop putting kids in cages and start putting ho’s in cages. I think that’s something we can find common ground on.

This was Evan Baptiste, who was also arrested.

Nuff said.

I can’t find Brian Gould, the 33 year old who pulled the female cop’s hair. If you have his picture or social media please send it our way. We’d love to have him on the Live show once he gets bailed out on Monday.

Here’s my question – why were people dressed like this at the Beer Garden?

I know they don’t serve Hennessy flavored craft beer there.

Turns out this was the second stop on a ghetto bar crawl that began at Mechanics Hall of all places.

Why would Mechanics Hall and the Beer Garden agree to be part of an event like this? When you charge $30 and you feature a bunch of DJ’s from Jam’n 94.5 that no one’s ever heard of, this is the crowd you’re going to attract. That’s just science. See Mambo Drink or Mardi Gras strip club for future reference. Here’s what a witness tells us.

I went to the halloween party at mechanics hall where the rachetness began. It was a pig festival. Fist fights, girls mean mugging everyone, twerking like complete pigs.The animals were complete savages trying to get drinks. Absolutely disgusting. I believe the last party Mike hosted ended the same way at the beer garden as well. You should have seen the poor bartenders. They were like senior citizens who were probably afraid for their lives!! No order, pushing, jumping over people to get a bartender to serve them. They were absolute animals. Girls mean mugging each other, the advertised djs didnt even show up. My friend and I went to the boulevard diner after and about 1am some ratchets started showing up there and were causing a seen there too!

Mechanics Hall is arguably the most important cultural and historical building in Worcester. A small list of people who have spoken, performed, or been invited there for events include:

Presidents Ford, Clinton, McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson, Mark Twain, Ella Fitzgerald, Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Dan Quayle, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Susan B. Anthony, William Lloyd Garrison, Hillary Clinton, Walter Mondale, John Kerry, Mitt Romney, Ted Kennedy, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra, the London Philharmonic, and many more.

Now it’s hosting Oktober Flexx, featuring DJ Famous and DJ Money, both of which have names that are blatantly false advertising. This is what Mechanics Hall has been reduced to as part of Worcester’s “renaissance.”

The event was promoted by this man.

His real name is Michael Melinfonwu, and he’s the older brother of Grafton High School legend Obi Melinfonwu, who plays for the Patriots. Apparently this is what you do when your kid brother gets all the good genes.

He put together this video to hype people up for it.

If your promo video entirely consists of auto-tune, you know that half the people showing up left their kids tied to the radiator at home.

Now let’s see what the free muh boi patrol had to say about the videos and what went down.

This is exactly what I would imagine someone who looks like a Ralph’s Tavern last call participation trophy would say about an incident like this.

The Sposato sisters apparently think that biting the police is acceptable, so long as you don’t feel like being arrested after breaking the law.

If “High school was mad hard, but I’m-a-get my GED and go to Quinsig” had a face.

Then there’s this winner.

Hardest dude in the Big Y parking lot.

And finally this guy.

Earl Jones (real name Emmanuel Soto) certainly looks familiar.

You may know him as SNAP Back Sanchez, Southbridge’s finest specimen who was featured on Turtleboy last month for trying to buy food stamps on Facebook.

I really just cannot believe the Beer Garden has turned into Mambo Drink Part 2. Next week they’re hosting another one of these.

And then the week after they’re turning it into a literal strip club.

And they had the audacity to post this today like a bunch of cops weren’t assaulted there last night.

What an absolute disgrace. I’ll never step foot in there again. The City of Worcester just ran the Midtown Mall out of business in order to clean up downtown as part of their imaginary renaissance, as well they should have. But if they’re going to close one of these ghetto magnets down and allow another one to open up because they serve craft beer, then Worcester will continue to be Worcester moving forward.


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