Nashoba Regional High School Teacher Charged With Exchanging Noodz With 15 Year Old Student


A teacher at Nashoba Regional High School in Bolton was in Clinton District Court Tuesday facing child pornography charges. Dorothy Veracka, a 42 year old veteran math teacher, is accused of sending noodz to a 15 year old student from September 2018 through March 2019. The student she was messaging with showed police her noodz that she texted him via Snapchat, and she admitted to receiving noodz from him in return. She has been on administrative leave since September 30, and has been ordered to stay away from children under the age of 16 except for her own three children.

I’m old enough to remember when teacher sex scandals involved actual sex. Back in my day kids went outside, exercised, enjoyed the fresh air, and occasionally had intercourse with their voluptuous homeroom teacher Ms. Stafford. But the kids these days can’t get off their Internet machines. Everything they do is electronic now, even the sex.

According to most comments I’ve seen from residents of Bolton, Stow, and Lancaster, Mrs. Veracka is a well respected math teacher, and no one saw this one coming.

She’d been teaching for years, has three kids (who appear to be high school age), and a nice pension waiting for her at the end of the rainbow. And she threw it all away for 15 year old noodz. At least when I threw my teaching career away it was for a principled reason (Turtleboy and the fight for free speech).

I just don’t get it. I was once a 24 year old teacher at Shepherd Hill, a school that had been rocked by a teacher sex scandal (Google Amber Jennings) just two years prior to my arrival. Everyone was on guard to make sure a repeat didn’t occur, and every young teacher who was hired at that school was lectured about what should’ve been obvious – don’t ban your roster.

One of the first things that every teacher and administrator told me is to never be alone in a closed classroom with a student, especially if they are a girl. Kids will try to befriend you and they’ll test you right from the start about what they can and cannot get away with. They’ll ask you things like, “Do you still go out to bars?” It might seem harmless, and it might seem like telling them “no” is the right answer. But they ask you questions like that to see if you’ll answer at all. If you say yes or no, they know that you’re the kind of teacher they can push boundaries with. For that reason I always tried to come across as rigid and square as possible. I didn’t care if the kids thought I was cool because I was there to keep my job.

Not Mrs. Veracka though. She had some urges that clearly were not being acted upon. The first sign of trouble should’ve been the fact that she had a Snapchat account to begin with. There is no reason for anyone over the age of 30 to be on Snapchat. I don’t know how Snapchat works and I don’t really care to know. It’s my understanding that it’s a platform for teenagers to post noodz and other things that they believe will be “deleted” automatically, only to find out that the Internet is forever, regardless of the platform.

I get why women cheat on their spouses. It’s not good, but it’s not against the law. Maybe she just wanted to feel young again. Maybe the fact that someone younger than her wanted to see her noodz and got aroused when they looked at her was enough to keep her sane. But does she not realize that there is no shortage of men over the age of 18 who would gladly send her unsolicited dick pics? These days all you have to do is smile at a guy, give him your phone number, and the next thing you know – BAM – mushroom tip in your inbox.

Her Facebook page, which for some reason has not been taken down, indicates that she’s church going folk.

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She also attended Gordon College, a small Christian College in Wenham with a population and demographics of the Duggar Family.

What we seem to have here is a sexually repressed woman who despite her Christian upbringing, still had human desires and urges that were going unfulfilled. You see this a lot (Josh Duggar, Mark Sanford, Catholic priests), but again, why not do it with someone who you won’t go to jail for? There are plenty of 17 and 18 year old boys in that building she could’ve done this with and not been arrested for. Sure, she’d lose her job, but it would save her the humiliation and embarrassment of having to do the jog of shame out of Clinton District Court.

In fairness, if you’ve ever been to Clinton you understand why someone would want to run from there as quickly as possible.

This was interesting.

Sounds like she had posted on his wall that she found the term milf derogatory, probably because she’s the reason that word became a word in the first place.

And finally, her comment from 10 years ago was almost prophetic.

Elton John is “way too old (and gay) for you,” because he’s got his driver’s license.

Some will say that this boy isn’t a victim, and that he’s actually lucky to have been on both the giving and receiving end of noodz with his decent looking blonde math teacher. But if the roles were reversed no one would be saying that. The kid was sent to school by his parents to learn. Now I’m sure every kid in that school knows that he was the student behind this, and it’s going to be much harder for him to stay focused on what high school kids should be focusing on – their academics. I feel bad for Dorothy Veracka’s children and husband (if she’s married), but if you send noodz to a kid there’s a 99.9% chance they’re going to tell people about it, so it’s only a matter of time until you’re doing the jog of shame out of court.


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