Nashua Rapper Melanin Milkshake Arrested For Murdering 53 Year Old Man Has Been Posting Videos Threatening Rivals With Guns On Social Media 


This is Alex Wheeler from Nashua.


He’s a 19 year old aspiring gangsta rapper with a whole YouTube and Instagram account and everything. Him and his sidekick the Ginger Infringer are almost up to 70 subs, and they never follow the rules!

He calls himself 603 stona, and him and his homeys like to make videos that are mostly still images of them standing around with guns and flashing their ice.


They also do fun activities like, like playing with guns in the bathroom, spray painting “gang shit” on buildings, giving shoutouts to their dead friend Eugene, and urging people to subscribe to their channel “if you gang.”



Chicago Bulls. Of course.

They do diss tracks for anyone “speaking on they names,” which sound like the kid in class who went to the special room for extra help reading a book report to the class.



Eat your heart out Chedda Crispy!

Sometimes they do actual street shit, which mainly consists of them discreetly filming themselves saying the n word, and threatening people who remind them of they are in fact white and urge them to “pull your pants up and go home.”


The Melanin Milkshake and the Ginger Infringer have minimum wage jobs at some sort of sub shop where they film themselves keeping it real by posting videos of themselves pointing guns at the camera, flashing the tens and tens of dollars they’ve made selling mediocre marijuana, and discussing all their enemies who presumably will be getting mercked.

The Melanin Milkshake would probably be a lot less angry at the word if the people who conceived him in a Hampton Beach motel had just given him a hug and some Pert Plus two-in-one.


Alex frequently bragged about robbing and stabbing his rivals, and putting guns to their heads.


His biggest conquest, who he references frequently, is someone named Kevin, who he proudly stabbed and then taunted on social media.


He kept lists of his enemies, who he refers to as “opps,” and sent them ominous messages in the snow.

Shit was getting real until the first 35 degree day!

They beef over really important things, like getting kicked out of group chats.


Oh, and his crew still uses flip phones.


So they are definitely “about that life.”

The Melanin Milkshake is well known in these streets for being a full fledged hardo and everyone wants him to do their dirty work for them.

Young wangsta rappers like this are a dime a dozen. Usually they’re just going through a phase and lashing out because their stepdad Dwayne drank the last Monster energy drink. But Alex didn’t get the memo that none of this is actually supposed to be real, because he took his online persona a little too seriously and was arrested over the weekend for killing and shooting a man.

A Nashua man has been charged with second-degree murder following a fatal shooting on Friday. Alexander Wheeler, 19, has been arrested and charged with one count of second-degree murder for shooting Lee Knoetig, 53. Officials said Nashua police officers responded to a business on Amherst Street in Nashua at approximately 11:25 a.m. on Friday in response to calls reporting that a person had been shot. Upon arriving at the scene, officers discovered Knoetig lying outside the business, unresponsive and with an apparent gunshot wound to his chest. Knoetig was pronounced deceased at the scene


According to the victim’s family, Lee Knoetig was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

And considering Alex filmed himself going around threatening random people who told him to pull his pants up, this is completely believable. He didn’t just make videos about robbing and stabbing his rivals, he actually did it a lot.


Oh, and he just reproduced a couple weeks ago with his boo.

That poor baby has almost no chance at life, but at least they’re a little less f***ed now that the Melanin Milkshake won’t be around to constantly disappoint them.

He frequently posted about freeing his boy Seb.

He might not have gotten him released, but at least they’ll be able to spend quality time together now.

Anyway, Alex should’ve known better than to go around shooting random guys outside of gas stations considering he was mocking one of his rivals a couple months who was facing a lengthy jail sentence for kidnapping and gun charges.

“Hope dat 25 to life was worth it.”

Maybe you can find out when you two are sharing a cell. Don’t worry, it will only seem like a lifetime.


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