Nashua State Rep Loses Her Mind On Facebook: Wants To Send Trump Voters To Work Camps, Disarm Them All While She Sits At Home Collecting SSDI


New Hampshire State Rep Deb Stevens has caused quite a stir in the last week after a series of Facebook posts announcing that she would vote for “red flag laws” in order to take guns away from Trump voters, because if he doesn’t win they will start a Civil War.

And that right there is why it’s your duty and obligation to monitor your grandparents if they decide to open up a Facebook account.


Taking away gun rights from law abiding citizens because anyone who voted for the guy you don’t like is automatically mentally insane. Yup, they’re the crazy ones here, no you Betsy Boomer. Seems reasonable.

According to her it’s a “war zone” if people own guns, and her constituents will be afraid to go to Market Basket.

Who gets to decide who the crazy ones are who will be disarmed under red flag laws? Well, that would be left up to experts like Deb Stevens of course, since she has the “experience to make a psychological assessment.”

Except her experience is being real estate broker.

Evidently being able to get you a good rate on a mortgage now qualifies you to psychologically evaluate people based on who they voted for.

One of her supporters suggested the completely sane idea of sending Trump supporting gun owners to work farms. I’m not even kidding. Work farms.

“Supervised farms.”

Seems crazy right? Except Deb thinks this is a good idea.

She says that people are sending her death threats, so she’s doxxing them by posting their phone numbers on her public Facebook page.

Telling an elected official that you’re not giving up your property to the government is now a death threat. Seems reasonable.

This is a death threat too.

Makes sense.

A constituent suggest that perhaps she should focus on fixing problems in her district. Apparently there is a problematic bridge that Nashua residents jump off of when they realize they’re stuck in Nashua, and someone suggested Deb do something about that. Naturally this was the fault of guns too.

Yesterday she shared another private email from a constituent, who happens to be a combat veteran, after he voiced his concern about her broad generalizations and threats to disarm the population based on whoever she has arbitrarily deemed to be crazy. In her mind sending an elected official an email is “harassment,” and anyone who does so is a “hater,” who is “bullying” her into her “demise.”

Someone might want to tell Betsy Boomer that it’s illegal for elected officials to block constituents on social media.

Red flag laws sound good on paper because it makes it feel like mentally unhinged lunatics will be denied access to firearms. But one of the many problems that arises as a result of that is that people like Deb get to decide who is and isn’t a lunatic.

What could possibly go wrong?

People like Deb Steven are ironically unhinged themselves, and often say crazy things, and then complain that they are victims when people say “come and get it beyoch.”

In one of the great self owns of all time she advocated red flag laws after an armed civilian shot a gunman in a Texas church two weeks ago, saving the lives of many.

That incident was probably the greatest anecdote for the “good guy with a gun” argument that second amendment supporters always bring up. The fact that she doesn’t see that, but still thinks that she is in a position to assess who is and isn’t crazy, is mind boggling.

That will happen to the human brain when it’s exposed to Eric Swallwell for short or long periods of time.

She also is skeptical about the First Amendment too. Not the whole thing, just how to keep people from reading Fox News mainly.

And finally, this elected official, who gets to write laws in New Hampshire, sits on her toosh all day and collects social security.

Clearly she looks very disabled here.

I think I figured out why she hates Trump so much though.

He wants to reform the system so that able bodied people like her have to actually get off their keester and get a job, instead of sitting around, collecting checks, and telling law abiding, taxpaying citizens that they are a danger to her.

I don’t understand how elections work in New Hampshire, but somehow Betsy Boomer got into office with 22% of the vote.

Imagine wanting to give people like her power in November?



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