Nashua Woman Shares Inappropriate Message For Merrimack Animal Control After Being Arrested For Not Quarantining Man Eating Dog 


A Nashua woman was arrested on warrants for failing to quarantine her dog after a violent incident in February, but she’s claiming that there is more to the story.

WHDHA New Hampshire woman is facing charges after she refused to quarantine her dog after it bit another person at a park in Merrimack, police said. Samantha St. Onge, 35, of Nashua, was arrested Sunday on an outstanding warrant for obstructing government administration and impoundment of dog rabies suspects. Officers responding to a report of an altercation between two dogs at Wasserman Park on Feb. 16 learned that the owner of one of the dogs had been bitten and seriously injured while trying to break up the fight, Merrimack police said. The Merrimack Animal Control Officer learned that the dog that caused the bite was not up to date on its rabies vaccinations, police added. After several requests, the dog’s owner, St. Onge, allegedly refused to quarantine her dog as required by law. St. Onge has been released on personal recognizance bail and is scheduled to appear in Merrimack District Court on July 27.

That doesn’t sound good. Any comment from you, Ms. St. Onge?

Apparently this woman has been taking lessons at the Bret Killoran school of manners.

She has an explanation though.

Translation – dindu nuffin.

It seems unlikely that the police would report that the other man was seriously injured during the incident with the dog in February. Nor does this explain why the dog wasn’t up to date on its rabies shots. Quite frankly she’s lucky to still have the dog, and probably should’ve went to great lengths to make sure the dog was quarantined, the shots were up to date, and the dog was never left unattended. Normally I’d be inclined to believe her, but there’s just something about a person who posts their own mugshots and tells animal control to lick her bunghole that makes me question their character.

Turns out it’s not her fault she got arrested either, it’s because of COVID.

She was out for a run with the dog, had to urinate, happened to be right near a friend’s house, went inside, did her business, and when she emerged two cops were there who then ran her name and found out she had warrants for not putting the dog in quarantine. Normally during walks it’s the dog who has to take a piss, but I guess Samantha does this the other way around. Either way, it sounds like she admitted that she left this man eater outside long enough to attract the attention of the police, so she really has no one to blame but herself.

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But again, it’s not her fault and the cops are out to get here. Turns out the victim was bit by his own dog, and I guess we’re just going to gloss over the fact that the dog wasn’t up to date with rabies shots.

Then again, this is a woman who celebrates seeing her credit score going up 250 points.

If your credit score is so low that you can gain 250 points on it within a period of months then you are a ratchet, and I’m less likely to believe that the cops are out to get you. Just sayin.


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