NBC “Disinformation Reporters” Blaming Criticism Of Drag Queen Sexualization Of Children For Colorado Spring Shooting Have Been Protecting Pedophiles For Years


Mainstream media outlets and Internet hall monitors were excited this weekend when they saw the news that five people were killed during a shooting at a gay bar in Colorado Springs, because it meant they could do their favorite thing – blame the First and Second Amendments and call for restrictions on both. The attack on gun rights is nothing new, but blaming free speech certainly is, and no one in the media is worse than these two:

Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny are “disinformation reporters” for NBC News. It’s an entire industry dedicating to ensuring that Internet censorship is controlled by people who align with their politics. It is their job to act as operatives for the Democratic Party, demand that tech companies censor anyone who disagrees with them, and cover up stories that could help people like Donald Trump get elected. They both said the Hunter Biden laptop story was “Russian disinformation,” which led to Facebook and Twitter banning it from their platforms two weeks before an election.

Two years later they have not apologized for being wrong, or expressed any sort of regret, shame, or embarrassment. Instead they’ve spent their time demanding that more people be censored, which is exactly what they’re doing with the shooting in Colorado Springs. According to them it’s not the shooter who is responsible for the carnage, but rather Tucker Carlson, Libs of Tik Tok, and other conservatives who have expressed disgust for the sexual grooming of children by drag queens.

Don’t be fooled by the sing-song voice and librarian glasses. That woman is the biggest threat to freedom in the entire country:

“Please stop. Please stop making money and gaining political power on violence against LGBTQ people.”

She wants you to “please stop” objecting to this:

Brandy blames your objection to the sexualization of children for the shooting in Colorado Springs. If you remain silent while degenerates groom and sexualize children then this shooter wouldn’t have killed 5 people. She smiles and talks in a high pitched voice while demanding that the most powerful people in the world censor your criticism of pedophiles so you won’t notice what an authoritarian she is.

Like clockwork, she’s calling it disinformation when critics quote her verbatim.


Meanwhile, her friend Ben Collins was on MSNBC yesterday talking about the necessity of drag queen brunches for children, because it’s the only way they will learn how to read.

How did children ever learn to read books before sexual predators simulating fellatio while dressed as hookers, read to them at bars?

I wrote about these two hacks in early 2019 when no one knew who they were, because they used their platforms to attack a local pedophile poacher group, and demand that Facebook ban them. Pop Squad is an anonymous Hartford based Facebook page run by people who pose as children in order to lure sexual predators trying to have sex with them. Like the Mass Predator Poachers, they are responsible for dozens of arrests of some of the most dangerous people in our society – those who prey on children’s innocence.

For performing this public good Brandy and Ben decided they needed to be destroyed.

NBC published this hit piece about them in January of 2019, after one of the pedophiles they caught ended up committing suicide:

Instead of writing about the good work that Pop Squad did bringing dangerous people to justice, they chose to glamorize one of the pedophiles they caught because the man ended up committing suicide.

Malcolm was tall and handsome. The oldest son of Jamaican immigrants, he wholly subscribed to the idea of the American dream. In high school, Malcolm was vice president of the Future Business Leaders of America club, assistant captain of the tennis and swim teams and a member of the student council and Model United Nations. He started a social marketing business at 15.

The angle she took on this story is the same one she’s now taking with Libs of Tik Tok – pointing out that some people are pedophiles is an attack on the entire gay community.

Malcolm was also gay, which was difficult growing up in a religious family in Torrington, a sleepy former mill town in the northwest part of the state, friends said.

“It’s not easy to be black, Jamaican, a Jehovah’s Witness and gay in Torrington, Connecticut,” said Allie Morrissey, a friend of Malcolm’s.

Starting in high school, Malcolm used apps like Tinder and Grindr to meet men from around the state, friends said. On that October night, he had come to Bristol to meet someone younger, purportedly a 14-year-old boy “going on 15,” according to a video posted by the digital vigilante group known as POPSquad.

Except millions of gay people manage to live their lives without raping children. Maybe NBC, Pride, and other pedophile apologists should stop appointing child sex predators as ambassadors for the LGBT community.

She not to subtly used his suicide to demand that Facebook was responsible for the man’s suicide because they allowed Pop Squad to use free speech on their platform in order to shame pedophiles.

Now, thanks in part to social media, these groups have multiplied rapidly in recent months, propelled by a rabid and growing fanbase, according to law enforcement officials and Facebook data.

Facebook told NBC News that it is aware of these groups and does not ban them outright, although much of what they do appears to violate Facebook’s rules against shaming or cyberbullying.

NBC objects to shaming and cyberbullying people who are trying to have sex with children. This is the same logic they’re now using when they blame Libs of Tik Tok for the nightclub shooting – you did this because by shaming drag queens who sexualize children. It’s not the pedophiles fault that he tried to have sex with a child and then chose to kill himself in order to avoid going to jail, it’s Pop Squad’s fault for pointing it out. In order to save the lives of gay people social media companies and advertisers must censor and stop doing business with Tucker Carlson, Libs of Tik Tok, and anyone else who exposes pedophiles.

In order to protect Brandy Zadrozny’s defense of pedophiles and censorship of stories like the Hunter Biden scandal, the rest of the media also calls it dangerous to criticize “disinformation reporters” like Brandy.

It’s not her fault for defending pedophiles and spreading lies. It’s your fault for talking about it.

At some point you have to open your eyes and see what’s going on here. They are not only normalizing and protecting pedophiles, they are soaking themselves in the blood of murder victims and using it to demand censorship of those who expose pedophiles.

I emailed Brandy in 2019 to request an interview about why she was choosing to spend her time protecting pedophiles. She said my inquiry was in bad faith, and said that the suggestion that she was trying to protect child rapists was “strange and inflammatory.”

But she knows it’s not strange, and she knows that her goal is in fact to pressure tech companies Facebook into banning vigilante pedophile poachers. She’s just pretending to be a compassionate person, and doing so in a high pitched sing-song voice, so that NBC viewers won’t be alarmed when she demands restrictions on free speech. Modern day authoritarians don’t look like this:

They look like this.


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