Neckbearded Man With Street Name “OG Reckless” Arrested After Trying To Run Webster Police Over With Car After High Speed Chase With Replica Gun


The Webster Police apprehended a Connecticut man who led them on a high speed chase in Douglas Thursday, and nearly ended in disaster.


If Webster had a face.

He’s not even from Webduh, but was attracted to it like a guttermuppet to the DTA office. That neckbeard looks like a pubic chia pet, and his face reminds me of one of those things in Mario 1-1 that insisted in congregating around the mushroom question mark.

Isaiah Rock is actually from the mean streets of Quinebaug, CT, the most gangsta part of Woodstock, CT, where egg theft is at an all time high.

That’s where he earned the most legendary white boy street name of all time.

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OG Reckless. That might be the greatest white boy street name since Quincy introduced us to Baby Gangsta.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.42.05 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.40.15 PM


Eat your hart out Baby G.

I have to be honest – I had no idea Dodge Neons were still a thing until I saw this post. But if I knew they were a thing, I would definitely expect them to be driven by a guy named OG Reckless. I’ll give him credit for one thing – he lived up to his name. Carrying around a replica gun and trying to drive into cops at Mapfre Insurance is a great way to become gringo Mike Brown. Just sayin.

Based on his Facebook likes it appears as if OG Check-less is an aspiring young rapper.

And you can’t start a rap career without a felony under your belt, so he’s well on his way to Youtube stardom.

As is customary on any Webster Police Facebook page arrest announcement, the “free muh boi” patrol was required to show up and share their two cents on the matter.

Calm down Chuck. Not a single person reading your comment believes anyone in that picture has ever done anything that compares to leading the police on a two town high speed chase in which you tried and failed to run over a police officer in a Dodge Neon. You’re no OG Reckless. More like OG Feckless Cunt. We get it though – back in your day everyone was grizzled and broke the law. Keep telling yourself that this is what the 90’s were like.

Then there was this:

Oh fuck off Gretchen.

Dear Jennifer, please take your liberal, white guilt propaganda and tell someone who cares. This is a 20 year old man, not a 12 year old going through a phase. This is who he is now. I don’t care if he’s “caught up in the system,” nor will I lose any sleep if she spends the rest of his life i jail. He doesn’t need help because he doesn’t want help. He wants to be a douchebag and endanger the lives of others. People like you who preach this nonsense are the reason violent offenders continue to reoffend when they should be in prison.

Turns out Jennifer’s not a fan of the Jews either.

Yea, she doesn’t hate ALL the Jews. Just the ones in finance.

Finally there was this woman who couldn’t stop posting.

I was confused about how anyone could possibly post anything this stupid, but then I saw her pictures.

Dog filter. Nuff said. Someone’s on the fast track to becoming a CNA.

Newsflash Jac – expressing disgust about violent criminals isn’t “cyber bullying,” and free speech will never be illegal (except in pagan Europe). Police department’s shouldn’t ban public commentary because people are rightfully making fun of your friend’s pubic neckbeard. He’s not “fighting demons” either. He’s just human scum. That’s really all there is to it.


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