Needham Attorney Starts $750K GoFundMe For Judge Shelley Joseph After Indictment For Helping Illegal Immigrant Escape From Newton Courthouse


Alan Fanger of Needham has started a GoFundMe for Judge Shelley Joseph after she was indicted for her role in helping a drug dealing, drunk driving illegal immigrant escape from a backdoor of the Newton Courthouse in order to evade ICE.

Yes, that’s right. A woman who makes $184K a year, who knowingly and willfully violated federal law by assisting a criminal to escape from law enforcement, and then perjured herself during the investigation, desperately needs $750,000. This is what we’re doing now – raising money for criminals. Because let’s not get it twisted – this woman is a criminal. And not just a regular criminal either; a very, very arrogant criminal who committed her crime in the open because she knew there would be no consequences for it.

Guess what Alan Fanger does for a living….

Yup, he’s a lawyer. Not just a regular lawyer either – he’s the fun lawyer.

And he just so happens to practice law frequently in Newton, which of course is where his friend Shelley Joseph hears cases. I’m not a lawyer, but it seems kind of unethical for an attorney to try to raise nearly a million dollars for a woman who he could potentially represent clients in front of in the future (if she gets off). Would you want to be opposing counsel in a case heard by Judge Joseph? Seems like an uphill battle.

Alan practices wicked exciting kinds of law too.

I could listen to him talk about arbitration in condo disputes all day.

He also produces riveting YouTube videos about undue influence.

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You’ll never guess what Alan Fanger’s politics are either….

Oh look, he signed a petition because he didn’t like the results of an election and wanted to change the rules afterwards. He made a huge difference.

People like Alan Fanger and Shelley Joseph are the reason why corruption is so rampant in Massachusetts. These are the people with all the money, they control our justice system, and they always have each other’s backs. Luckily the federal government is finally stepping in and putting a stop to it.

If you’re interested in retaining Alan Fanger or reaching out to him, try his Facebook page here



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