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Neutered Mut And Callahan Can’t Call Out Globe Hack Dan Shaughnessy For Not Voting Curt Schilling Into Hall Of Fame For Tweeting Turtleboy Blog About Adam Jones

In November we released all the emails that Sherborn millionaire Bob Murchison sent all WEEI advertisers in order to pressure them into dumping Kirk Minihane from the highest radio show in Boston radio. Murchison got a meeting with WEEI’s management and demanded that they censor the show to his liking. When that didn’t happen he began to send more emails to the advertisers, misrepresenting some things that were said on the air. One of those things was that they allegedly called Adam Jones a liar when he claimed that fans at Fenway Park called him the n word repeatedly throughout the game.

To be clear, they never called Adam Jones a liar, but we did. That’s because unlike the mainstream media, we actually do our homework. The ONLY witness who claimed he heard racial slurs at Fenway Park that night was a Woburn High School kid named Niko, who was interviewed by famed sportswriter Mike Lupica about it after reaching out to Lupica on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 9.57.36 AM

As it turned out Niko was just messing with him, and he all but confessed that to us in a conversation we had with him. After that we interviewed a peanut vendor who was in the bleachers all night, showed us his credentials as proof, and told us that no fans were yelling the n word.

That’s how your journalism folks. That’s the work the mainstream media will not do.

Nevertheless, it turned into a big thing when Red Sox legend Curt Schilling, who followed us on Twitter before we were banned, tweeted out a link to our blog, and asked, “So who is lying?”

Google “Turtleboy Sports Adam Jones liar” and watch what comes up.

It’s a bunch of mainstream media outlets criticizing him for daring to suggest that Adam Jones’ obvious lie could possibly be a lie. Fake news outlets like the New York Daily News mocked him for quoting the only media outlet that actually did its homework. The Washington Post couldn’t believe this legendary pitcher was quoting a blog that does journalism the way they used to when Richard Nixon was President.

We tweeted the undeniable proof that Niko had lied to Lupica to Mike Lupica himself, yet his fake news story is still up

Now it appears as if Curt Schilling quoting Turtleboy in a tweet might be keeping him out of the Hall of Fame.

Last week on the Mut and Callahan show they had Schilling on after he got over 60% of the vote for the Hall of Fame, falling short of the necessary 70%. On paper Schilling should be a no-brainer to get in. He played on terrible Phillies and Orioles teams until his mid 30’s. He didn’t get many wins as a result of that, but he had over 300 strikeouts twice with a respectable ERA and WHIP.

His legend began in 2001 when as a pitcher for the Diamondbacks he almost single-handedly ended the Yankees dynasty (they had won 4 of the last 5 World Series), starting games 1, 4, and 7 of the World Series to defeat the evil empire. He wasn’t just good either; he was dominant. He pitched a dominant 21 innings, striking out 26, and allowing only 4 total runs.

Then he came to Boston, the bloody sock happened, and he helped end an 86 year old championship drought, winning 3 of his 4 postseason starts. In 2007, at the age of 40, he once again started 4 games in the playoffs, won 3 of them, and his third World Series ring.

His Hall of Fame resume is undeniable. He has 3 less wins than Pedro Martinez, and 300 more strikeouts than Mike Mussina, both who are now in Cooperstown. His ERA is .25 lower than Mussina’s. Schilling finished second in Cy Young voting three times, Mussina just once. Mussina was on the Yankees team that Schilling beat in the World Series, starting two games and winning none. Mussina has zero World Series rings, Schilling has 3. End of story.

But of course Schilling is being kept out of the Hall of Fame because he’s loud, outspoken, and conservative, and that vast majority of baseball writers are liberals who work for liberal newspapers. The left has done a remarkable job of making conservatism a form of extremism. You can be conservative, you just can’t be vocal about it like LeBron James and Greg Poppovich are about their liberal ideals.

Boston Globe hack Dan Shaughnessy once voted for Schilling, but then changed his mind a couple years ago because Schilling had the audacity to start sharing his opinions in a free society. Anyone who once voted for someone, only to change their mind another year, isn’t stable enough to vote. Last Friday Schilling was a guest on the neutered Mut and Callahan show and basically said what everyone already knows – his politics have kept him out of the Hall of Fame. This prompted a call-in from Shank in which he specifically sites Schilling quoting our blog about Adam Jones as a reason he is choosing not to vote for him. If you don’t feel like listening to the whole thing just start at the 25:30 mark:

“This isn’t politics when you’re advocating for lynching journalists, and you’re calling Adam Jones a liar and you weren’t even there.”

Notice the silence from Callahan and Mut on that one. You KNOW Gerry wanted to say something there. But he can’t, because ultimately Bob Murchison is the one who decides what they can and cannot say on the air. The official Red Sox position is that the racial slur happened, and they’re helping to fix racism by renaming Yawkey Way. It was so easy to challenge him on that, but none of them did. Censorship destroys the free exchange of ideas, and that’s a terrible thing.

Newsflash Shank – he was sharing a blog that actually interviewed someone who was there that night. Ya know, real journalism. You wouldn’t know anything about that because you work for state run media at the Globe. You can only write what your boss, Red Sox president John Henry, says you can write. How many people have you spoken with who were there that night? Oh yea, zero. You heard an unconfirmed story from a baseball player that aligned with your narrative that Boston is a racist city and you instinctively chose to believe it. And anyone who questioned Adam Jones’ obvious lie was immediately labeled as a crackpot and conspiracy theorist.

According to Shaughnessy he might vote for him next year if…..

“If he went and stood in the corner for a year it would help with me.”

That right there should warrant his vote being taken away. If you’re willing to vote for a guy under the conditions that he self censors his political opinions simply because you disagree with him, then you’re no longer a sports writer. You’re an activist. You’re a fascist who is holding his HOF ballot until Schilling does what he asks.


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