New Bedford BLM Leader Arrested For Double Shooting, Baby Mama Arrested On Warrants, BLM Activists Dox New Bedford Guide Owner For Reporting It


Tyrell Woodis-Pina and his future baby momma Shakira Duarte are the official leaders of New Bedford’s black lives matter movement, as can be seen from the fact that they admin the BLM New Bedford Facebook page and organize the protests.



The two lovebirds told people on Facebook that if they weren’t down there protesting with them then they were part of the problem.

She shows up to protests with really productive signs like “Fuck the Police.”

Shakira got a New Bedford cop to kneel in front of her and did an interview about it with the local news.

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On June 2 Homeo and Juliet participated in a “protest” in which they attempted to shut down a bridge leading from New Bedford into Fairhaven. The cops met them at the bridge and blocked it, Tyrell made a huge scene and ended up being one of two people arrested.

She of course plead dindu nuffin and protested at the jail to free her baby daddy.

The next day he was out of jail and leading another protest in the middle of a public street without a permit.

A New Bedford Guide reporter was filming this hefalump parade when Tyrell confronted him, called him a racist, and asked him why he didn’t remove a picture on the New Bedford Guide Facebook page showing a protester with a “fuck the police” sign, because it made his movement look bad.

And of course no one was wearing a mask during a pandemic, and consequently our kids can’t go to school in a couple weeks.

She did make one good point at least.

Tyrell wanted this post removed.

More productive citizens with the fresh Jordan’s, pounding some liquor with a fuck the police sign. Not a good look for BLM, but it is what they stand for.

Evidently “f*** the police” doesn’t actually mean fuck the police, and the media should stop posting pictures of protesters at events that shut down public roads. Except it is exactly what BLM has always stood for, since they despite police and want them abolished. Shakira herself has shown up to protests with that exact same sign.

Tyrell has plenty of time to protest because selling drugs in New Bedford gives you a flexible work schedule.


According to the New Bedford Guide Tyrell was arrested for shooting two men on July 26.

Two men were arrested for the July 26 shooting of two men at Petro Mart on Coggeshall Street in New Bedford to include a leader in the New Bedford Black Lives Matter movement. According to New Bedford police, 24-year old Tyrell Woodis-Pina of Fairhaven and Giovanni Vale-Valentin of New Bedford have both been charged with discharging a firearm along with numerous weapons-related offenses. Another suspect, 23-year old Brian Ortiz of 2110 Phillips Rd. Apt. #19 in New Bedford, remains at large. A warrant is out for his arrest on numerous firearms-related charges.

Police have not released the identities of the victims, but apparently the leader of this “peaceful” organization likes to shoot people. We don’t know if the victims were black or white, but since the vast majority of black and brown people shooting victims were shot by other black and brown men, the data suggests that Tyrell most likely did not shoot a white person.

A while back Tyrell contacted the New Bedford Guide and told them that he had been shot by his uncle and was upset that the police and the courts weren’t doing more.

The guy leading a movement that wants to eliminate the police is upset that the police don’t police more. Makes about as much sense as his story. In March he said that the trial was happening but he ignored a summons to testify against the guy who shot him, presumably because he’s either not a victim or adheres to a strict policy of no snitching.

Shakira was also arrested on warrants on July 23, and Tyrell live streamed it, complained that she was being “arrested for no reason,” and said that they were being racially profiled because they’re the leaders of BLM.

He live streamed the video onto the New Bedford BLM Facebook page, and accused the cops of only doing this because they are the leaders of BLM.

And did I mention she’s pregnant?

That poor child will be brought up to hate the police, blame their own failures on systemic racism, and the cycle will most likely continue.

As you can see from listening to them, these are ratchet individuals who society empowered, elevated, and literally forced cops to kneel in front of. And all because one black man was killed by a cop in a non-racially motivated incident in Minnesota. Every major corporation, politicians on both side of the aisle, and your local public schools have gotten behind this “movement” and forced you to accept their virtue. They were so empowered that they were able to get politicians banned from restaurants in Swampscott for not supporting them, forced CEO’s to resign from their positions, forced sports teams to change their mascots, cancelled TV shows where cops were the good guys, and got white people to stop voicing black cartoon characters. The mob bowed to criminals like this as they attacked local businesses that didn’t support them.

But of course everyone is blaming New Bedford Guide for bringing up the very relevant fact that these two are de facto community leaders of the BLM movement, including her.

Apparently they’re only the leaders of New Bedford’s BLM movement until they shoot someone. It’s not like the two of them are out in the streets leading almost every single protest in the south coast region, or doing interviews on TV while being labeled as “protest organizer.”

Why would anyone drag BLM into this?

Also this.

Sometimes you have a lapse in judgement and refuse to turn yourself in on warrants or shoot some people.

Shakira is also doxxing the owner of New Bedford Guide on Facebook, which confirms everything we already know about BLM.

Don’t worry though, the Medium will help straighten this all out.

This is why I will never support anyone associated with black lives matter. They’re run by bad people, their intentions are not good, they contribute nothing to society, they hate cops, and they certainly don’t believe in non-violence.


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