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New Bedford Dance Instructor Opening Up New Studio Fails To Disclose He’s Being Charged With Sending Naked Pictures To Young Boys


This is Shawn Pacheco from New Bedford.

He’s a dancer who recently opened a studio called The Summit Dance Center, which is scheduled to open on October 10, and has an open house on October 8. Most of their classes are geared towards children.


There’s just one problem though – Shawn is currently being charged in New Bedford District Court with sending obscene images to a child, and the victim’s mother is speaking out about it.

However, according to someone named Chakira the act of warning others about an alleged sexual predator is “deformation,” because police lie on reports, underage victims lie about being victims, and the mother didn’t post a police report.

As you can see, Chakira Chakira Banana believes the victim is lying, and is here to defend the honor of Shawn Pacheco. She has a lot of questions and wants to see the documents. Luckily for her we have them all, and it’s actually a lot worse than it sounds. The statement of facts simply say that Pacheco sent a picture of his genitals to a then 13 year old boy on Snapchat and asked the victim to send one back to him.

But the police report is a lot more descriptive. Pacheco was previously a dance instructor at a studio called Dance Xtreme, which got rid of him after finding out the allegations. At that student another mother of an underage dancer told Stephanie Cormier that Pacheco had sent naked pictures to her son. In January Cormier asked her son if he had gotten anything like that, and her son told her that Pacheco had sent a picture of his bare ass with the caption “it’s even better when it’s with ice cream.” Her son admittedly sent back a picture of his genitals.


The boy and his dance instructor were friends via Snapchat and used the app to communicate because the messages disappear and you can’t screenshot without alerting the other person. (This is why you should never trust any grownup who uses Snapchat.) The boy’s mother said she observed the conversations they had, which occurred at 1 AM. Soon after Pacheco texted the girl’s mother, said that he was “beyond drunk” when he sent the images, doesn’t remember the conversation, and merely posted the images to his private story where only selected people could see. He said that her son was one of those special people. And as for the other minor he sent noodz to, he claims he had no idea that kid was underage because he doesn’t make his social media look like he is.

Ya got that? It’s OK to be a pedophile if the victim is representing themselves as older on social media. Keep in mind, both of these boys danced at the studio he worked at, so he likely had conversations with them about school and could figure out how old they were rather easily.

The New Bedford PD forensically analyzed the 13 year old boy’s iPad, which revealed screenshots of a conversation in which Pacheco said he was going to get the boy’s name tattoed on his ass cheek.

The boy told a friend that Pacheco also sent him a dick pic and assumed that Pacheco was drunk when he sent it. The victim said he felt pressured into sending a picture of his genitals because “he felt something negative would happen to him in regard to him being in dance classes” if he didn’t.

In February the victim met with a woman from DCF and a forensic interviewer at the Children’s Advocacy Center in Fall River. He told them that Shawn essentially groomed him by having conversations about what kind of porn Pacheco liked to watch. This led to Pacheco sending him a picture of two naked guys standing next to each other with their dongs hanging out. Pacheco also distributed a video of himself taking a leak, and made sure that the victim could see the tip of his spam javelin. Additionally, Pacheco showed the victim that he had screenshotted a picture from a video of the boy’s posterior while he was twerking. He showed this to the victim at the dance studio, in his presence, and the boy asked him to delete it. Pacheco intentionally showed him other images while going through his deleted photos, including pictures of Pacheco’s trouser trout bulging through his pants.

The boy also said that Shawn would “accidentally” send him naked pictures, and then claim he was intending to send them to another guy he was sleeping with.

In reality Shawn Pacheco was “accidentally” doing that to see if it was well received by the boy. If it was, then he knew he could further victimize him. If it wasn’t then he could just say it was an accident. The real problem is an adult having private conversations with a 13 year old boy on Snapchat in the first place.

The boy felt pressured to send a picture of his genitals to Pacheco, but when he did Pacheco responded by saying that it was “big for a growing boy.” The boy sent him a message telling him that it was inappropriate and asked for him to stop.

The relationship was that of a mentor and student, which Pacheco took advantage of. He couldn’t start off with the dick pics, because it it wasn’t well received he would have a tough time explaining that. So he started slowly with some pictures of his shirt off in bed, and a video of him getting out of the shower that cuts off right before you see the goods. He asked the victim, “should I send it to my hoes?” The boy said no, and Pacheco replied with “why not?”

As the victim pointed out, it was be impossible for Pacheco to “accidentally” send him those images, since it required at least 10 taps to get from his name and then to send. These “accidental” messages included Shawn talking about how badly he needed to jerk off, as well as pornographic videos he was watching.

Another image sent was from Shawn in bed in which his “thingy-majigy” was plopped on his stomach.

When it became clear that the boy was not interested in actually having sex with him, Shawn began to backtrack and told the victim that he was 100% in the wrong and wouldn’t do it again.

When police interviewed Pacheco in February he told them that he was really drunk when he sent the pictures, but didn’t mean to send it to the boy. He just meant to send it to 20 people on his “recent” list,” and didn’t realize that one of them was a minor.

Pro tip – don’t tell police you were drunk and made “very bad decisions” when you committed a crime. You may think it makes it sound like you’re less of a douchebag for committing the crime, but all the police and prosecutors hear is a confession. Also, don’t cope with bad breakups by sending 20 random people on Snapchat a picture of your dong, especially when one of them is a minor.

Police used Cellebrite to extract all the data from Shawn’s cell phone.


This is the same software that Richard Green used to find Jennifer McCabe’s deleted Google search for “hos long to die in cold.” It’s the industry standard, and widely accepted by police and prosecutors everywhere. Except when Jen McCabe does it, at which point it becomes unreliable and we have to listen to Adam Lally speak for 20 minutes about nothing.

Cellebrite also revealed more pictures of naked boys on his phone.

The State Police Cyber Crime’s Unit then took the phone, and said that they possessed the tools to find even more data that Cellebrite might have missed.

Just to be clear – in this case the State Police admitted that they can find anything on your phone if they want to, including deleted images and messages from apps like Snapchat. But in the cases of Karen Read and Sandra Birchmore, “forensic expert” Trooper Nicholas Guarino said he didn’t have the technology to find Jen McCabe’s or Matthew Farwell’s deleted messages and Google searches.

When they asked him about the pictures of naked underage boys, Pacheco told them he saw them on Twitter, and somehow they ended up on his phone. Except there’s just one problem – when you see images on Twitter they don’t magically end up on your phone. You have to save or download the image to your device.

Read this sentence carefully:

Turns out when you delete stuff fr0m your phone it will still come up during a data extraction. Unless your name is Jen McCabe or Matthew Farwell, at which point Trooper Guarino will throw his hands up in the air and tell you he did the best job that he could with his Westfield State degree.

Remarkably Shawn Pacheco seems to get nothing but praised on the Summit Dance Center’s Facebook page, as no one wants to believe he’s capable of being a predator.

But the people have a right to know that this creepy diddler is using a dance studio to groom his next victims, which is why I felt it necessary to write this story.


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  1. Excellent timing, Doctor Turtle Boy!

    Re: Guarino – That Westfield State ain’t nuthin’. This guy became an expert in something by taking a class that was — get ready — four days long! Now THAT’S expertise!!!

  2. Pacheco made only one real mistake here. He forgot to either become a cop first or exchange sexy nudes only with a McAlbert boy.

    (It’s crazy that some people think gay guys are often sexual predators, isn’t it?)

    1. Abstract
      In research with 942 nonclinical adult participants, gay men and lesbian women reported a significantly higher rate of childhood molestation than did heterosexual men and women. Forty-six percent of the homosexual men in contrast to 7% of the heterosexual men reported homosexual molestation. Twenty-two percent of lesbian women in contrast to 1% of heterosexual women reported homosexual molestation. This research is apparently the first survey that has reported substantial homosexual molestation of girls. Suggestions for future research were offered.

  3. Thank you for sharing this information. It’s especially important to parents to know of the dangers that they might unknowingly expose their children to. Good work. God will recompense.

  4. He’s a real sickie, that one. And now I’ll never be able to enjoy “Peaches & Cream” by 112 ever again after he quoted their lyrics, to boot. Gross.

  5. Does he have a pallet with pink heart painted on it, in front of his home? Maybe a thin blue line or blue dot on the heart.

  6. Shawn Pacheco Congratz you gay rapist!

    Ice cream in your hairy sweaty, feces coated ass crack sounds great Shawn Pacheco!

    I’m a dip shit mom who loves FB likes more than my kids lives!!! 🙂

    Shawn would you be interested in paddle boarding on Martha’s Vineyard axing for a friend.

  7. Clearly these mom’s complimenting Shawn Pacheco are hard up and horny. They don’t understand Shawn loves penis and testicles the way they love the dessert menu.

  8. They are in damage control mode already. FB page is gone, staff page on their website is gone.

    If this is just an innocent dance studio with no ill intent, what’s the reason to hide?

  9. It’s also worth noting that most of those comments are from women. He appears to be a danger to boys, so where are the supportive comments from his past male students?

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