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New Bedford Drug Dealer Caught On Video Beating Dog With Bat, Hero Woman Stops Him From Leaving House When Police Don’t Respond To Call


A video from New Bedford showing a man violently beating a dog with a blunt object was widely shared on social media today. Be warned, because it’s disturbing.

That was horrifying. Horace and Jasper treated dogs better than that. The most disturbing part of the video was when the kid ends the beating at the end by giving the man a phone. He had no reaction to what he was seeing, as if this was completely normal to him. He’ll likely grow up to do the same.

I don’t know how human beings are capable of doing this to a living thing, never mind a family pet. The sound of the dog screaming for help is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. It takes a soulless individual to do something like that. Pure evil.

It goes without saying that he should be arrested for animal cruelty. I think 20 years in prison is a reasonable compromise, but that’s because I’m often described as “compassionate” and “soft on crime.”

Everyone wants to know who the man in the video was and it took the Internet a matter of minutes until they found out.

Miguel Martinez is your friendly neighborhood cocaine and fentanyl delivery provider from Cottage Street, who was arrested in April.

It was his third arrest, and his second drug related arrest in a 3 month period.

But since he lives in Massachusetts he’s not in jail and is free to abuse dogs.

He’s a 40 year old man who still values shit like flat brimmed hats, gold chains, and Air Force One’s.

And in case you thought it didn’t get lower than someone who beats dogs and sells poison to vulnerable people in New Bedford, he also parks in handicapped spots.

I changed my mind about 20 years. Execution is the only appropriate punishment. There’s literally no reason for him to exist any longer. He hurts human beings by selling drugs, he hurts dogs, he hurts children by raising them to think this is normal, he hurts the taxpayers by forever being a public charge. What use does he have for society? If he died tomorrow literally no one would miss him and the world would be an infinitely better place. As luck would have it he had this exact same dream.

So we agree. Someone please call up Michelle Carter and she can take care of the rest.

For some reason the NBPD did not respond to calls about this abuse so a neighbor named Pilar took matters into her own hands and blocked him from leaving the driveway.

Hero status. She stood there and refused to move until he called the cops. The fact that the police responded to the criminal’s 911 call, but not the other calls they received, is unacceptable.


And of course he also has a soiled mattress outside of his house.

Because he is the neighbor from Hell, and this is what decorating for the holidays looks like on Cottage Street.

Yet for some reason the NBPD did not arrest him when they arrived.

Does not appear to be outwardly injured? Do they not have wifi at the New Bedford Police Department? The video was everywhere. And according to commenters they were made aware of this incident in the early afternoon but took hours to respond. 

According to Pilar, she called the NBPD hours before that, was told there were no squad cars available, and went out and saw many of them parked at the station.

I support the police, and I’m willing to accept that there may be another side to this story, but it’s unacceptable for Miguel Martinez to not be in jail right now. He’s a fentanyl dealer who beats dogs. It was all caught on film and he’s been arrested multiple times in the last year. He shouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, I’m going to be doing an interview with Pilar on our YouTube channel tomorrow at 10 AM. Click here to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss it.

P.S. If anyone from the New Bedford Police wants to anonymously reach out to us with more information on this story feel free to email [email protected] I would hope someone from there would like to clean up this PR nightmare.


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