New Bedford Mom Who Robs People With Cleaning Business, Drives Around High With Kids In Car Wants You To Pay For Her Christmas This Year After Being Evicted 


Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (15:45)

This is Julie Carlson from New Bedford.

If “you don’t even know me and what I been through, so whateva dude” had a face.

As you can see Julie is an extremely grizzled woman who almost definitely speaks with a Newport Lights accent. And as you may have guessed, she has given birth to 5 or 6 children (hard to keep track), who she likes to use as props in her e-begging scams, especially around the holidays. Last week she posted in a Wareham Facebook group that one of her baby daddy’s died “unexpectedly,” and she was waiting for the “children’s death benefits,” and asked for handouts to give her kids a Merry Christmas.

What she failed to mention was that her baby daddy Jason Delorey had a plethora of Google trophies, the two of them routinely got high together, and he probably died from an overdose. She immediately capitalized on that with a GoFundMe.

She also failed to mention that just 5 days before she found him dead he was arrested for violating a restraining order she had on him when they were pulled over by police while she was giving him a ride home from court.

Ya got that? She was so in fear of this guy that she went and got an order on him, but still drove him to and from the courthouse that issued the order in the first place. Big loss for the kids.

Her post additionally failed to mention that just a couple days ago she violated the terms of her probation by skipping out on rehab and not passing her piss tests.

The New Bedford Knob Slob has been charged with 95 crimes in various courts around the south shore.


Last year she was arrested for stealing a bag from Macy’s.

Her and Jason were arrested by State Police last year after a trooper noticed her trying to hide heroin and needles when they were pulled over for driving an unregistered vehicle.

And as for the kids who she really cares about she was arrested in 2018 for driving under the influence of drugs with the little tax credits in the car. The police actually found her passed out in the driver’s seat.

In 2019 she was arrested for driving without a license after a cop saw her illegally parking in a handicapped spot.

In 2020 she once again was arrested again for rear ending someone after most likely dozing off during a bender while behind the wheel of a vehicle she wasn’t licensed to operate.

Nevertheless, she’s been begging for free shit for years and using the children she keeps firing out of her baby cannon as bait.

But according to her Facebook bio you’re not allowed to judge her.

After all, only God can judge! You don’t even friggin “no half” of what she’s been through dude. Do you understand how many meat pops she had to get to the center of in order for her to be standing here today? We’re talking Alli Bibaud numbers. She may only be 39 years old, but that’s at least 114 in New Bedford years.

Yet remarkably, despite being unable to afford Christmas for her kids, she is able to bring them to Disney World every year. Last year she claimed that her now deceased sperm donor beat the crap out of her and she had to go full single Mom since they’d already booked the trip. She asked questions a normal mother would ask if they were taking their kids to Disney, in order to pretend that she was a normal, hard working mother, and not the poster child for entitlement reform.

For some reason she can afford to go to Disney World, but she can’t afford to pay her government subsidized rent of $450 a month, which is why she was evicted by the New Bedford Housing Authority a few weeks ago.

No word if she actually has custody of her kids, but I would hope that they were taken from her in light of her drug issues and constant run-ins with the law, and that she’s pretending to have them in order to use them as bait for more donos. But if Mike Giannetti is allowed to see his kid then it’s entirely possible that she is too.

Not sure how she could afford to take 5 kids to Disney though, since she can’t afford a Christmas tree. Maybe she’s been getting a lot of business with her house cleaning services, which she uses to elicit sympathy by constantly bringing up the fact that the guy she had an order on died of an overdose.

Ratchets LOVE to created “businesses” that give them access to other people’s homes. Ya know, because it’s easier to steal people’s pills, their dead mother’s wedding rings, pandora bracelets, concert tickets, and $500 Euros if they just let you into their Swansea, Rochester, and Dartmouth homes after finding you on Facebook Marketplace.

As the cops mentioned, she still uses it all the time for her “business,” and was so high that she asked the woman who pressed charges on her if she could clean her house again.

Oh, and the federal government just gave her $9,100 in free money via PPP loans for the scam business that she uses to rob people.

She says she graduated from college though. Wonder what her degree was in? Fellatiology? Duck face selfies? How to properly smoke a crack pipe?

Not sure, but she got her Masters in how to get clean urine in case your PO calls you unannounced.

Or maybe she could afford it with her lucrative side gig of selling gift cards, which totally are NOT stolen and all of which are activated.


Anyway, we write blogs like this not to punch down, but to warn people around the holidays about the existence of scammers like this. People like Julie Carlson have no soul, and will prey on your kindness. They will use their kids and dead lovers to get you to feel bad them and guilt you into hiring them for their “cleaning services.”  We expose people like this because it’s a public service. We are basically creating a database for search engines in order to make it harder for people like the New Bedford Knob Slob to continue their grifts online.


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