New Bedford Nurse Taking Knee For Protesters Has Been Mocking Protesters For Last 2 Months, Demanding That People Stay Home For Her


I wrote several blogs that were critical of virtue signaling nurses who told us to “stay the fuck home” to “flatten the curve” and not overload the hospitals for them. Every time I did I was criticized by turtle riders who told me that I shouldn’t be attacking heroic healthcare workers, and instead should be focusing on ratchets, despite millions of people losing their jobs and increases in sexual abuse of children.

But in the last week no one has revealed themselves to be bigger frauds than healthcare workers and “health experts.” Over 1,000 medical workers signed a petition urging states not to shut down protests due to concerns over spreading COVID.

“As public health advocates, we do not condemn these gatherings as risky for COVID-19 transmission. We support them as vital to the national public health and to the threatened health specifically of Black people in the United States. We can show that support by facilitating safest protesting practices without detracting from demonstrators’ ability to gather and demand change. This should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-home orders.”

Protests against stay at home orders are bad because the cause that you’re protesting for isn’t woke enough.

This was never about public health, it was about politics. We know this because the second a political cause that they believed was worthy of protesting arose they gave up on social distancing. Would these same experts be this permissive for a gun rights march, an anti-abortion march, or an anti-illegal immigration march? Of course not. Because they get to decide what causes are worth violating social distancing policies for, and they don’t agree with those things.

For the last three months nurses on Facebook told us that we had to give up our jobs, our businesses, recreation, time with family and friends, funerals, wakes, and countless other things that make life worth living, for them. And we did it. For them. We did this as thousands of old people in nursing homes died because the government was more worried about making sure four people didn’t drink a beer at a bar in Chicopee. And then the second a guy in Minnesota gets killed by a rogue cop this happens everywhere.

Frauds. Every single one of them. Frauds. I will never, ever listen to any “health expert” ever again. They have no credibility. They’re nothing more than partisan hacks who lied to millions of Americans so that they wouldn’t have as much traffic during their commute. Clearly none of them actually believed the nonsense that you were spewing about social distancing, since they immediately abandoned it the first time a viral left wing cause came up.

This is how they’re going to try to explain their way out of this one:

If the dangers of NOT carrying a cardboard sign in the streets and yelling defund the police “greatly exceeds the harm of the virus,” then it was an overrated virus from the beginning. Even if systemic racism was a real thing that presented a public health threat that is bigger than COVID (neither is that much of a threat but COVID killed way more people in the last 3 months), it certainly wouldn’t be cured by protesting. So ultimately marching accomplishes nothing, fixes nothing, and increases the chance that the virus could spread. They encourage the marches because they know deep down inside that it won’t cause it spread, and the virus is getting weaker.

Today a bunch of nurses at St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford went outside to support the protesters and take a knee. One of them is Melissa Marie Gonzales, who posted this on Facebook.

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Meanwhile, let’s look at some of the things Melissa has posted over the last few months.


“I mean stupid as in like ill the most ill informed uneducated level stupid.”

“stop being selfish assholes”

“Protesters look like dumb dumbs.”

We made some of the dumbest, self absorbed individuals like her, into heroes and were told to go outside and clap for them every night. This is a very, very stupid person who was made to believe that she was an expert because she wears scrubs to work and called herself essential. People like her were lying to us this entire time. She never actually believed for a second that staying home would stop the spread of the virus. She just wanted to take selfies at work and get some likes so she could feel special.

These people liars and it’s up to them to earn our trust back now that they’ve been exposed. If you’re a nurse or a doctor and you didn’t tell people to stay home then this isn’t directed at you. But just like good cops need to call out bad cops, good nurses need to call out Tik Tok frauds like Melissa.


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