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New Bedford Portuguese Festival Is Paying Nelson Rego To Perform In August Despite Stealing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars From Clients


Update: Nelson Rego has officially been removed from the New Bedford Portuguese festival after publication of this blog.


New Bedford’s Feast of the Blessed Sacrament (Portuguese Festival) is back after a 2 year COVID hiatus, and you’ll never guess who’s headlining the musical lineup for the August 4-7 event.

Concrete Con Nelson Rego, the brother of Eli Rego, who was indicted last week for scamming people out of potentially millions of dollars.

Nelson is arguably worse than Eli, and used hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen money to kick start his failed career as an auto tuned, juiced up pop singer closing in on 50.

I have roasted him on the Live Show before

Honestly, the biggest crime he ever committed was this train wreck of a mid life crisis he calls a musical career. Read Part 4 and Part 5 of our investigative series on the Concrete Cons to see all the horrible things Nelson Rego did to innocent people, and then watch him cry about it.

The Festival, which dates back to 1915, is run by a well-respected Portuguese nonprofit called Club Madeiro, and usually draws over 100K visitors. They give out scholarships, they’re sponsored by respectable businesses, and they run a family friendly event.

This is not the kind of organization that wants to associate with a criminal like Nelson Rego, so I assumed the mostly older men who run Madeiro didn’t read about him on Turtleboy. I called today to ask if they were aware that they were paying a criminal to perform, since it’s so insulting to his victims. The man I spoke with said that they were unaware of these allegations, and according to him they hired Nelson in 2019, but he said he would not want the event associated with such a person.

Under no circumstances should Nelson Rego continue to be welcomed with open arms in polite society. If you haven’t read the blogs already, here’s a quick review of his crimes:

  • Ripped off clients by getting paid up front to do a job, showed up the first day, ripped up their property, then never returned after making countless promises to do so and giving made up excuses
  • Has been taken to civil court by clients and debt collectors over 100 times, losing every time and having judgments against me totaling over $300K that he hasn’t paid a dime towards
  • Has had multiple victims get capias’ issued for his arrest but avoided law enforcement
  • Claims he’s being threatened when people demand their money back
  • Doesn’t know the first thing about concrete and the few jobs he has completed were done poorly and need repair
  • A former employee of his claims that his company was a scam, that she was directed by Nelson Rego to lie to customers, and use Google pictures as evidence of his work. According to her his MO, is to collect money up front from customers, begin to do the job but never finish it, and then live a lavish lifestyle with fancy cars, clothing, and trips. She alleges that she was never paid by him so she left.
  • Constantly has to create new companies after courts have ordered him to dissolve companies that had judgments placed against them





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