New Bedford Toilet Paper Saleswoman Leaves Vertically Challenged Boyfriend For Prison Pen Pal 


New Bedford toilet paper saleswoman Jill Martin lied during an interview Thursday when she said that she was never charged with animal cruelty five years ago, and I was hoping to get her back on the live show last night to discuss a post she made on the same day she was charged with the crime.

I also wanted to interview her boyfriend Leroy Mosley with some questions I had in regard to his recent incident of midget tipping at Market Basket for which he has been charged by the police.


Come on Leroy. You just got out of jail after 16 years. You can’t be pushing midgets at Market Basket and blaming it on the n word. Yes, that’s right – Leroy recently got out of jail for federal drug charges. While incarcerated in Florida he met Jill Martin through the prison pen pal program

“I am a money addict.”

There’s literally nothing people won’t blame on addiction these days.

I also wanted to ask Leroy why he snitched on his dealer, and asked his codefendant Beaman to do the same, if they didn’t have a guaranteed deal from the government for a reduction in sentence, which they didn’t end up giving him?

I guess the world will never know. Bret, Intern, and myself all had a lot of questions about how you go from a long term sexual relationship with a midget to Leroy, and the science of how that all worked out. I also performed an emoji inducing freestyle at the 1:39:31 mark to wrap up the week in Turtleboy.

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