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New Bedford Woman Says It Wasn’t Her Home Broken Into, Small Bag Of White Powder Stolen Was Rent Money


Yesterday we published a blog about a woman who was asking for the public’s help in identifying two men who broke into a house, which appeared to be her’s, but she said that no one was allowed to ask any questions, particularly about the bag of white powder they took out of one of the drawers.

Turns out this was not Kristen’s house, and she has broken up with the drug dealing, gang banging father of her child. However, it seemed perfectly reasonable to infer that someone offering “cash money” to find out the identities of two people robbing a house was the victim of the robbery, especially since she was so passionate about it. Perhaps if she allowed people to ask questions this could’ve been cleared up. Now she’s vowing Internet lawsuits, while also admitting that she is in fact both “ghetto” and “ratchet.”

no longer with her drug dealing, gang banging baby daddy. However, you can see why MVTB thought it was her place, since for some reason she was offering “cash money” as a reward to whoever robbed the house, she was the one who posted it, and she specifically said that no one could ask any questions. Now she’s vowing deformation lawsuits, even though she acknowledges that we can call her ghetto ratchet.

I for one am shocked that her child’s father isn’t around anymore.

It’s out of the ordinary for someone to be that concerned about someone else’s home bring broken into, and she never said that she was doing this for a friend. She clearly represented it as her home, but now claims it was actually Amanda Nicole’s house, who also had a lot to say about the break in.

She claims the small baggy they stoled was $300 rent money, not coke. So we are to believe that she keeps her rent money in a sandwich bag, which then takes the form of white powder until she gives it to her landlord.

And they came specifically to get that, and they knew exactly where it would be, and they left immediately after getting it. Definitely checks out.

Kristen has since posted links on our Facebook page from such reputable websites as “Taunton Uncensored,” “Turtleboy Sporks,” and “Buffalo Bruises,” in an attempt to prove how I’m the ratchet one here.

However, she also posted a comment in which she said it wasn’t her stash that was taken.

I thought it was $300 rent money, not a stash of cocaine. Interesting.

If you know more about this Amanda character feel free to let us know since Kristen snitched on her. Thanks for the tip Kristen!


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