New Criminal Charges Filed, Documents Detail Joshua Abrams Reign Of Terror As He Wastes Police Resources, Flagrantly Disregards The Law And Terrorizes His Community

It’s been a rough month for Josh “Bitchtits” Abrams, who is currently on a taxpayer funded 90 day vacation in the Bristol county house of corrections (the irony is delicious, you guys.) due to the fact that he, yet again, violated the terms of his pretrial release by assaulting and attempting to rape his girlfriend.


Oh yeah….and some….other stuff. If there was any doubt left in your mind, let me assure you right now – Joshua Abrams is physically incapable of following the law, respecting his fellow human community members, and refraining from wasting precious publicly funded police resources. Let’s take a look at what else he’s been up to in the month leading up to this latest arrest, shall we?


1. Josh has been filing numerous false police reports and bothering them with needless calls for service.


For starters, Josh apparently was not okay with his girlfriend losing custody of her son to the paternal grandparents. It didn’t bother him enough to, you know, change his own behavior to stop being such a detriment or anything. Nor did it bother him enough to, maybe, encourage her to get her life on track. Just enough to initiate a campaign of harassment and wasted police resources. Like, when he relentlessly harassed the grandparents during a court hearing, then went outside and contacted the police to report an assault outside the courthouse that never happened –



Despite a police officer being present and observing that it never happened. Unsatisfied with this, and even more unhappy when the next court date resulted in the grandparents yet again being awarded custody, Josh couldn’t even make it out of the courthouse parking lot without calling the police to waste their time yet again – this time for a bogus well-being check.

Nothing says “cherished childhood memories” quite like your mom’s psychotic, criminal boyfriend sending the police over to bother you and your grandmother for nothing after enduring a month of hopping from motel room to motel room, does it?

Not content with simply using the police as a weapon during his girlfriend’s contentious custody battle, Josh also engaged in an altercation with Tow Truck Girl’s Encore Casino caper accomplice, Anthony Micelli, outside of the roach motel they were staying in. He then proceeded to report yet another fairy tale assault, complete with conflicting statements.


Unfortunately for Josh and his compulsive lying, the motel has survellience cameras outside. As Joshy-Poo likes to say “The camera doesn’t lie” – but he does!

Still not finished wasting officer’s time who clearly have better things to do than chase around dead leads on made-up tales of non-existent crimes – Josh later filed yet another false report – and another conflicting one right after, as reflected in this heavily redacted report.



Essentially, Abrams is claiming that something was stolen from inside luggage secured in the trunk of Tow Truck Girl’s car. That something has to redacted…. as a side note, medical information is often redacted. Like, perhaps, medication. Abrams then reports to Wakefield PD the very next day that this something was lost in the parking lot of a gas station. As an additional side note, were that something a controlled prescription medication, it would most likely need to be redacted, as well as would need a police report confirming it was lost or stolen to have a sliver of a chance of the prescribing doctor replacing it. This a hustle drug addicts often use when they sell/use all of their controlled medication too far out from the earliest refill date allowed by law. Just sayin’.


2. Josh Abrams Was Served With Yet Another Restraining Order Taken Out By An Ex-Girlfriend


I redacted out the petitioner’s name, but it’s definitely an ex girlfriend. From years ago, at that. Because apparently once Josh Abrams has marked you with his tiny peen, he will torment you indefinitely. Sounds great!

3. Josh Abrams Has Acquired Even More Charges, Along With Tow Truck Girl, For Wisely Conspiring To Sneak Suboxone into The Jail During A Monitored And Recorded Phone Call.



I’m pretty sure the jail calls advise both the caller and recipient that they’re being recorded and monitored. Yet here we are anyway, Josh and Danielle. How stupid can you be?


As an added bonus, we have some of the audio from the calls corresponding to these incidents, and we’ll be going over them on Sunday @ 7pm, during the Bristol Crew live show. If you’re not already, subscribe to Turtleboy’s YouTube Channel by clicking here. You won’t want to miss these clips – they’re pretty damn hilarious.

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