New Hampshire Man Claiming To Be Professional Photographer Is Looking For Women To Photograph Noodz Of For Christmas  


There are no shortage of creeps with cameras out there, masquerading as professional photographers, who will promise vulnerable women that they can launch their modeling career with a photoshoot. But it’s even worse if it’s a guy in a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat who wants to take sexy pictures in your bedroom so you can turn your boyfriend on for the holidays.

“Professional” photos.

I take better pictures of my crotch fruits with my iPhone.

Who wouldn’t pay the guy with the goose poop goatee $50 to come into their bedroom and take pictures of them a la mode?

Adam Eldridge’s “business” is called “Explicit Art.” He doesn’t have a Facebook page, but he does have a group you can join to see some of his other work. Turtleboy has published some of the more risque pictures, which we can’t show here.  

As you can see, he excels at the art of the disposable camera. And yes, he is looking to do noodz as well. He just has to find someone with low enough self esteem to take their clothes off in front of him.

He also does outdoor shoots where he gives you a pouch and calls you a carpenter.

It’s mostly the same women over and over again, but he’s always in the market for some new models.


You too could be oggled over by his creepy, perverted friends in his Facebook group.

But don’t worry, he’s not like those other creepy photographers you’ve seen on Turtleboy.















He’s the good creepy kind.

Of course this is the clientele he usually gets.

That right there is a Maine prom queen if I’ve ever seen one. If you don’t smoke a cartoon of Newports a week, have full length skeleton sleeve tattoos, and have a 48 year old mother trapped in a 93 year old woman’s body, then you’re probably not going to fit in at Explicit Art.

In all seriousness, this guy is obviously a pervert. In no way, shape, or form is he a professional anything, and he clearly preys on women who look like the just got run over by a truck full of losing Keno tickets. Since he operates out of the Rochester area he has no shortage of potential clients. He gets them naked so he and his friends can have spank bank material, lets them believe they’re building their portfolio to become models, and then complains on Facebook about how nice guys like him always finish last.

Poor Grandpa is just looking for love. Shocking he can’t find it when he’s in this line of work.


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