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New Hampshire Mom Evicted For Not Paying Rent Starts $20K GoFundMe To Sue Landlord Days After Heroin Arrest In Lawrence


Siobhan Hameline is a mother originally from Pembroke, NH, who now can be found anywhere between Manchester and Lawrence where copious amounts of heroin are found.

If you mate with men who wear flat brimmed leather hats, then I already know everything I need to know about you.

Just sayin.

Siobhan has Google trophies galore due to the fact that she has the “disease” that makes you surrender your offspring to the DCF fairy and tends to lead to Google trophies.

She was arrested in Lawrence on February 10 and charged with possession of heroin (shocking), and then shortly after that she went and made a $20K GoFundMe for her “legal fees” to sue her “cruel and immoral” landlord who wouldn’t let her live there anymore because she doesn’t like paying rent.

“Laid off due to COVID-19.”

The pandemic was the best thing that ever happened to ratchets. They all got free money from the government and get to pretend that lockdowns are the reason they all don’t have jobs.

“She tried blackmailing me by anonymous calls to dcyf.”

  1. That’s not blackmail dear, it’s a responsible adult doing a responsible thing
  2. I’m quite positive the DCF fairy makes regular visits to her house regardless of who calls, and there is much more to this story

Just to be clear, there is no lawyer here. This is a fundraiser for heroin money. She’s going to buy more heroin with it.

She also says that she’s being put through “extreme torcher,” but her guardian “angles,” will watch over her.

That includes acute, right, and obtuse angles.

Also watching over her is her on Facebook is son Eithan (because, might as well throw an extra i in there for absolutely no reason), who she asked to share the GFM.

Hey son, I know I abandoned you for drugs but I’m going to need you to go ahead and share this with some of your friends and hope that one of them has a really dumb parent with money to spare so I can avoid doing what I always end up doing in order to get a bag from Diego.


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