New Hampshire Mom Pretends To Sleep In Car With Daughter At York Beach To Illicit Sympathy Donations For Weekend Getaway


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This is Liz St. Martin from Charlestown, NH.

She’s a single Mom and recovering junkbox who recently made the news after she posted in a York Beach Facebook about needing a place to park her car for she and her daughter to sleep in because she can’t afford a hotel room.

She was immediately showered with free gifts.

A Charlestown girl and her mom just had the vacation of a lifetime in Maine thanks to the kindness of strangers in York. The girl’s mom posted on Facebook asking for suggestions on where she could safely park her car for them to sleep in overnight because they couldn’t afford a hotel for their trip to Maine.

“I actually was apprehensive to put that post knowing the responses I could get,” Liz St. Martin, the girl’s mother, said.

The post led people across town to start pitching in, booking them a hotel, buying them meals and getting them tickets to York’s Wild Animal Kingdom. They also bought presents for St. Martin’s daughter.

“I was just very shocked and for me as a single mom, that was a lot,” St. Martin said.

“I’ve been blessed this year. I’ve been given a lot this year. So, if you’re able to help out, you never know what position someone might be in,” Nathan Cox, who works at Lobster Cove in York, said.

The girl’s mother said her daughter referred to the vacation fondly as a “gift-wrapped” weekend.

The dry begging and using her kid as bait worked out perfectly as she got a couple free nights at the Anchorage Hotel ($300 a night), an American Girl Doll ($150), free amusement park entrance, arcades, lobster dinners, ice cream, and more!

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A truly heart warming story, except it was obviously done by design. She’s pretending that the purpose of her post wasn’t to get people to feel bad for her and offer to pay for everything. If she was really this broke she wouldn’t be going to York Beach to begin with. And if she really was planning on sleeping in her car with her kid she could just find a place to park her car without announcing it to a group with 26,000 members. She knew damn well what she was doing and had zero intention of ever sleeping in her car.

Personally I would feel uncomfortable accepting all this free stuff from strangers after using my kid to make them feel bad, but this is America and idiots are free to part with their money as they see fit. However, just understand that when you give people who have no shame free stuff, they’re going to expect more free stuff in the future because they know the formula now.

A week before she made the post on the York Beach page Pudge Judy was on Tik Tok (never trust a grownup with a Tik Tok account that they use to post videos of themselves) using her kid to get her thousands of followers to donate money to HER cashapp for absolutely no good reason.

And although she can’t afford a hotel room and is a recovering addict she doesn’t mind broadcasting herself pounding down shots at the bar and smoking blunts at home.

Here’s an idea – get a job. Believe it or not using your kid for sympathy, posting videos of yourself gyrating on Tik Tok, and selling bootleg Donald Trump t-shirts isn’t a productive way to pay your bills.





Here’s the thing though – she had plenty of money to stay in a hotel room on the beach last August at York.

She was also there in March and stayed at the exact same hotel.

Maybe if you’re such a poor single Mom you shouldn’t be taking multiple vacations a year to the same place and and staying at $300 hotels when you do. Maybe. No word on who she guilted into paying for those stays.

You think she’s done guilting these morons into paying for all the free stuff for her kid (which she also gets to enjoy) that a mother normally would take some pride in paying for herself? Go no. Someone else offered to give her another free night at the hotel so she’s throwing her kid a beach birthday party and asking strangers to come by and give her presents.

What a scam artist. Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad for the kid, but that’s kind of the whole point of her posts. This kid isn’t dying from cancer, she’s just growing up poor like millions of kids have done. There are tons of Moms out there who would love to give their kid a weekend like this just once, but they would never accept it because they have these things called pride, humility, and shame. Not Pudge Judy though. She’s just gonna keep milking these schmucks for as long as she can.

I will bet good money that the majority of people who donated to her are liberals who would feel very dumb if they found out they were financing a full fledged Q-Anon Trump supporter though.

Luckily for her the only woman who noticed that didn’t really get very far.

Same time next year.


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