New Hampshire Nurse Removes Viral Post Claiming She Was Assaulted At Stop & Shop And Blamed For Spreading Coronavirus


A New Hampshire nurse named Amy Bruce posted on Facebook last night and claimed she was attacked at a Stop & Shop after being misidentified as the patient zero for coronavirus.

Just to review:

  • She worked a 60 hour week and was tired and hungry, so she went to the grocery store for a “simple, fast, and easy” dinner in the produce aisle. The area where people are most likely to handle food directly, and meals are neither simple nor fast.
  • She was wearing her scrubs when an unidentified woman loudly blamed her for spreading the disease to New Hampshire
  • The unidentified woman then punched her in the face with no warning
  • Amy Bruce did not hit her back, but rather was understanding of the woman’s frustration because she was scared


If Amy called the police she did not mention doing so in the post. However, posting sad pictures about unverified anecdotes in order to garner thots and shares is arguably the new 911. And she had nearly 8,000 shares by the time the post was removed by her this morning.

She removed the post about 15 minutes after I friend requested her and sent a message saying I was from TB Daily News and wanted to do a story on her encounter. Almost as if she realized that more public exposure would not work out the way she initially planned.

Whey hasn’t she alerted the authorities? It would be very easy to find out who this woman was and bring her to justice. Nurses are some of our most valuable resources right now. They are risking their lives on the front lines of this epidemic so the rest of us can be safe. A cheesehog at the grocery store assaulting a nurse would and should be a huge story, and the person who assaulted her should be charged with a felony.

Why would she say that this woman was “just protecting herself” from coronavirus by punching her in the eye? That doesn’t make any sense. If you think someone has coronavirus you’d stay far away from them.

What store was it at? She of course chose not to mention that, which is convenient because then it would be easy to verify.

She made no mention of contacting the police. If this did happen and she chose not to alert the authorities, then why would she post about it on Facebook?

I want to think the best of this woman because she’s a nurse, but this reeks of Jussie Smollett. I can’t imagine any person being assaulted like this and immediately finding ways to excuse the person who assaulted them. But someone wrote it on Facebook so it must be true.

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P.S. Look who else was on the case:

Mitch is Kate “Bristol” Peter’s coffee boy. As you can see, they’re so unoriginal that their plan moving forward is to literally just write the same exact kind of stories that Turtleboy did on their website that no one will ever read. This is the same guy who was whining in Discord about me never acknowledging him like he was some important cog in the Turtleboy system who actually mattered.

Yea dude, I never mentioned you because you’re completely irrelevant. I would never hire someone us unoriginal and untalented as you. Hope that clears things up.

“We just wanted to rebuild on our own. And by that I mean, use Turtleboy to build up a following on our Facebook page, then use that page to direct people to our new channel. Then we’ll relentlessly mock the same 5 losers, all of who we discovered after Turtleboy wrote about them. And finally we’ll look for the same exact type of stories that Turtelboy always wrote about it. That’s what building on your own looks like right?”

Sounds about as legit as getting punched in the grocery store for wearing scrubs.


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