Poor Behavior

New Hampshire Photographer Accused Of Using Business To Sleep With Vulnerable Women Threatens To Punch Competing Female Photographer After Stealing Her Trademark


This is Greg Melanson, a “professional” photographer and “business” owner in his 30’s from Thornton, NH, who owns both Melanson Photography, and his photography brand “Pyrat Lorde.”

Mostly he’s just a creepy dude who takes bizarre pictures of young, recently legal girls, brags about what a brilliant business owner and photographer he is, has had multiple “models” allege that they walked off projects with him due to his comments, and has been accused by several women of using “photography” as a way to try to score with 19 year olds with daddy issues.

Sometimes the totally not creepy fathers of his “models” leave totally not creepy comments on his work.

He also likes to be in the room with couples so he can “find a different sense of passion in the air” by watching two strangers do softcore scenes, which he finds “exhilarating.”

He claims to be a champion for female owned businesses.

But his reputation suggests otherwise. In order to explain some accusations of impropriety from his clients, he did a Facebook Live broadcast in which he answered the question that every normal photographer asks themselves – Have I ever tried to use my photography to get laid?

“I’ll even tell you who it is” certainly seems to indicate that the answer to that question is yes. The live stream has since been removed.

He also recently bragged on Facebook about how he wouldn’t be accepting COVID relief money from the government, since he was so rich coming off his recent $17K year.

Killing it!

The guy is evidently well known in upstate New Hampshire, but not well liked.

And once said that the women he takes creepy pictures of should “get comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

Another local photographer commented on his COVID relief post to voice her disapproval of his business tactics.

He responded as any normal business owner would – bought the trademark for the photography business she planned to open, messaged the woman’s mother to brag about it, and then organized a harassment campaign of the woman’s workplace and tagged the business owner in his post.

Just a reminder, this is a man who claims to “champion female business owners and chill.”

He then started bragging about buying other local businesses and claimed to have a monopoly on trademarks.


And said he’d like to dropkick all you in the face for not being as good at taking pictures as he is.

Perfectly normal way for a respected business owner to behave on social media.

Despite being a business genius Skeevy McForeskin was getting ripped apart in the comments on his page.

So at that point he decided to declare war on all of them and demanded that they prove he was a rapist, pedophile, or sex trafficker. Except you weren’t allowed to use text messages from women he fornicated with, or messages that could be confused with sex trafficking.

He then vowed to identify his biggest enemy and have revenge sex with that man’s girlfriend before moving onto bigger and better things in Miami.

After that he did a Facebook Live broadcast explaining why he’s buying up trademarks, and ended up saying he wanted to punch the woman in the face whose mother he contacted, and whose employer he was harassing.

“Some people are lucky I don’t punch them in the face instead. I just take your business from you.”  

This pretty much said it all.

“I hear the rumors, the models feeling uncomfortable.”

Gee, I wonder why anyone would ever feel uncomfortable around this guy?

Now he’s whining about someone making him a Grindr account, while simultaneously bragging about how many images of well endowed male members he’s received while chastising women for not hopping on some of those girthy meat popsicles.

If there’s one guy who isn’t afraid of a big dick, it’s Greg Melanson. Takes one to know one.


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