New Hampshire Pyramid Scheme Salesman Mom Becomes First Person To Ask Facebook Group To Finance Her Kid’s Christmas This Year Despite Able Bodied Baby Daddy


It may only be October, but it’s never too early for the “single Mom needs you to pay for her kid’s Christmas” posts on local community Facebook groups to start popping up. Our cherry popper this year is a woman from Seabrook, NH named Jaclyne McKinnon.

Cat filter and BLM frame. She’ll sell you half priced stamps and then burn down the DTA office.

Jackie may live in New Hampshire, but she felt the need to post her sob story in a South Shore Mom’s group, which likely means she’s spamming this everywhere. Her daughter, who of course is named Braylynne, is six years old, and they “finally” got their own apartment like normal human beings are supposed to do. Apparently she’s the only mother who has to face the conundrum of now paying for rent and Christmas, so she set up a baby registry (for a 6 year old) and asked strangers to donate to it.

It’s a really small list of her favorite 230 things, and includes many gifts of over $30.

Usually when this happens the people who feel bad for guttermuppets like this offer some sort of suggestion for programs that struggling mothers can use to provide a Christmas for their kids. And whenever that happens the ratchets almost always say they’ve tried doing that to no avail and complain that they got shut off from their food stamps while bemoaning the lack of free stuff from the government, because at the end of the day they just want you to shut up and buy their kids things on Amazon. This is exactly what Jaclyne did, while complaining that no one was helping her.

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Here’s an idea – if you want your kid to have a Christmas, get a job. Ya know, like a grownup would. The fact that these people feel absolutely no shame in doing this is the real problem. Bring back shame.

She would probably argue that she has a job though, since she’s got a Scentsy’s account and is currently occupying the bottom brick of the pyramid scheme made for unemployed housewives.

There’s nothing more cringe than watching someone on your Facebook roster start peddling candles for a MLM scheme. You know it’s the only thing they’re going to post about for months, you know it’s going to end in a spectacular failure, and you can just taste the awkwardness every time they make a post looking for new recruits and nobody likes or responds to it. Perhaps getting a job that comes with a weekly paycheck is a better way to pay for Christmas gifts than spamming your friends and family into buying your poop scented candles.

Jaclyne also forgot to mention that she lives with an able bodied man named Heith Cowper.

Although one look at Heith with an i and it’s evident why he isn’t chipping in for Christmas this year.

If “I just got my chip for 2 weeks of sobriety” had a face.

Christine Lazy Ford has been sober for all of six months.

But also has some Google trophies for outstanding achievement in the field of shoplifting.

Whereas Heith with an is known for making really poor decisions while snowboarding.

Oh, and despite being so poor that she has to ask other people to finance her kid’s Christmas this year she has plenty of money to blow on hair coloring that comes out wrong.

Jaclyne, I can assure you that your hair color is the least of your problems.


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