New Hampshire Transgender State Rep Endorsed By Democratic Party Had His Girlfriend Take Naked Pictures Of Children At Her Tyngsborough Daycare


The Pride month celebrations continued yesterday in Tyngsborough after a disturbing report that a Creative Minds daycare employee named Lindsay Groves from Hudson, NH was arrested and charged with one count of sexual exploitation of children and one count of distribution of child pornography. Groves admitted to police that she took naked pictures of children as young as 3 years old in a bathroom while they were changing and sent to a person she was in an intimate relationship with.

Investigators reviewed Groves’ cellphone and found more than 2,500 text messages between Groves and the other person, prosecutors said. The messages included discussion about explicit photos and the transfer of said images. Included in the messages Groves allegedly sent were at least four sexually explicit images of children who appeared to be between the ages of three and five. 

It was not initially reported who the intimate partner was until later, and now we know why.

Barry “Stacie” Loughton was a historic first for the LGBTQIA+ community after he became the first gender confused man to become elected to the New Hampshire State Legislature in 2012. He resigned after a 2008 conviction for conspiracy to commit credit card fraud was unearthed, but was elected to the same position as a State Representative from Nashua in 2020 and 2022. Last November we published a story about how the New Hampshire Democratic Party intentionally hid his much more recent arrests for stalking, violating a restraining order, sending false emergency text messages to 911, and calling in bomb threats to a hospital. But because he had a D next to his name the voters of Nashua blindly voted for this career criminal sexual deviant.

A Nashua Democrat, with several prior arrests, is in trouble with the law again after being accused of at least two incidents of stalking in nearby Hudson. State Rep. Stacie Marie Laughton, 38, was arrested by Nashua police on Saturday on a warrant out of Hudson on a violation of stalking order charge. She is being held in the Valley Street Jail in Manchester. Limited information is available about the case. But Lt. Roger Lamarche, the second shift commander of the Hudson Police Department, confirmed the arrest and charge. Laughton was accused by police of communicating with the victim on social media on Nov. 8. The protective order was filed against Laughton, who also serves as a city selectman, on July 25. According to Lamarche, this was not the first time Laughton was arrested on charges for communicating with the victim. She was accused of stalking and harassment in late August and was arrested in early September

At least when Roy Moore was accused of diddling kids in 2018 there were enough Republican voters in dark red Alabama who voted for Democrat Doug Jones and kept Moore out of the Senate. Democrats have no problem electing people who cannot physically function (Joe Biden, John Fetterman), or criminal deviants like Laughton. Democrats in New Hampshire has no shame endorsing him.

The Universalist Church, which is nothing more than a liberal political action group full of boomers who hide behind Jesus, ordained him as a minister in 2021.

After being re-elected in November Laughton failed to show up at the swearing in the next month. Despite endorsing him the NH Democratic Party called for him to resign, which he did.

After it became clear Laughton wasn’t present at the State House for the swearing in of House members on Organization Day in December 2022, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley called on Laughton to resign.

This was their plan all along – get this dude re-elected, ask him to resign, and have a democrat fill his seat. If he hadn’t run then a Republican might have snuck in there.

Mrs. Cloutfire’s social media is extremely disturbing. Here he is sharing a video of a child saying that his favorite thing in the world is pussy.

He promotes Bud Light and his Tik Tok account on his “radio show.”

He posted a video in his deep manly voice called “uncomfortable conversations with a trans woman,” in which he admits that he doesn’t know how to use tampons, states that he’ll never be able to get pregnant or have a period, but insists that he’s a woman anyway.

“Natural born females, you don’t need a woman like me to tell you how to use this product. I don’t even know how to use it.”

The prevailing narrative in our culture is that when you see this man, who is quite clearly a man, you must address him as if he is a woman. We have absolutely no right to lecture any other countries about the way they conduct their business.

Newsflash – women don’t need you telling them how to use tampons because you’re not a woman at all. Like 100% of transgender individuals, you are mentally ill and society has catered to your delusions. Even in your arrest report you are referred to as “she,” and you will likely get to serve your time in a woman’s prison. Your girlfriend is a woman, so clearly you enjoy heterosexual sex. You’re not a lesbian, or a transgender person. You’re just a disgusting, fat, creepy middle aged man who likes putting his male organs inside women and apparently children too.

Lindsay Groves’ Facebook page had many pictures of her with kids before her privacy settings were changed while I was writing this blog.

Stacie’s Mom commented underneath Halloween pictures of Lindsay, bragging that her “daughter” used to be Barry Laughton, and that he is transgender.

Mom is just as guilty as far as I’m concerned. If your children tell you they’re a member of the opposite sex and you go along with it then you are encouraging their mental illness.

I have no doubt that it was Barry’s idea to get Lindsay Groves to take pictures of these children so that he could sell them to other pedophiles. She’s just as guilty for partaking, but I’d bet anything that he was the mastermind behind this. He claims he has been with Lindsay since 2014.

Lindsay started working at the daycare long after that, likely at “Stacie’s” urging.

Apparently Creative Minds Daycare does not do background checks, because if they had they would have found Lindsay’s 2020 charge:

Lindsay Groves, 36, of Maple Avenue in Hudson on a felony attempted theft by deception charge. She was accused of filing a false fraud investigation about transactions from her account on July 27, 2020, in Hudson.

I have no doubt Stacie’s hands are all over that too.

As disgusted as I am by all this, I’m more disgusted with our society’s widespread acceptance and embrace of transgenderism. The problem isn’t just Stacie Laughton, it’s a culture that promotes people like him and gives them an entire month in which must celebrate the fact that he is mentally ill. The problem is that public and private institutions (breweries, libraries) promote events that give people like Stacie more access to children (drag queen story time). The problem is that one of the two major political parties thinks that people like Stacie should be able to go in women’s locker rooms, serve time in women’s prisons, and beat real women in women’s sports. They all know that Stacie is a man. They all know this is unfair, dangerous, and a threat to women, but they go along with it anyway because their cult demands that you bow to transgenderism.

There is no such thing as transgender. They are mentally ill and need therapy, not “gender affirmation” or Frankenstein surgery, and a disproportionate amount of them are sexual deviants. I am not in the least bit surprised to have woken up today and seen Barry Laughton charged with this crime, and if that makes me transphobic then I proudly accept your meaningless labels.


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