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New Hampshire Woman Rallies Online Mob Against Barbershop Already Hurting From Lockdown For Satirical Kung Flu Sign  


The Chinese coronavirus is hitting barber shops and salons especially hard, but at least Spencer Martin’s shop in Bedford, NH at least has a sense of humor about it.

New Hampshire isn’t nearly as bad as Massachusetts when it comes to political correctness, so you can still get away with having a sense of humor up there. At least you could until this woman showed up.

Her name is Kim Brown, and since she adopted two Asian children she believes it is her job to clutch her pearls as hard as she can and feign outrage on their behalf whenever possible. Here’s something she posted about the sign in a Bedford Facebook group.

Uh muh God!! Not jokes!! And to mention the country of origin that allowed this disease to spread, silenced the doctor who wanted to warn the world about it, and is blaming the United States for it? Unforgivable!

The woke outrage was strong, especially amongst the Susan’s, Lynn’s, Katy’s, Beth’s, and Jessica’s of the world.

Luckily there were a few people who told Kim to calm her nani, but she wasn’t having any of that.

“Do you have Asian children.”

“Her Chinese daughters.”

Calm down white devil. You are just the latest in a long list of woke white women who adopted children of color so that you can finally play the race card for the first time in your life.

Newsflash – your kids don’t care about a sign that says “Kung Flu.”  They aren’t hurt in any way, shape, or form. And if they were, the best thing you can do as a parent is tell them to stop being whiny c u next Tuesdays. Like Archie Bunker said.

But I guess this sign causes violence or something.

No. Just no. No one in this country has been the victim of violence because of a Kung Flu sign. As I said the other day, not a single anecdote produced by the New York Times has been confirmed. Please go back to browsing Pinterest for home decor ideas and refrain from political and social commentary on the Internet.

The owner of this shop is a victim of the Chinese government that allowed this disease to spread all over the world. He’s suffering and needs support, and these bored white women are calling him up in white girl voice and harassing him about his sign. Kindly never speak again.

Others alerted the newspaper, knowing that they thrive on nonsense like this.

Get bent Diane.

Then there was Kenn Archibald with 2 n’s.

According to him racism is just as much of a pandemic as the commie cold.

So brave. So stunning. Fighting the deadly pandemic of racism in Bedford, NH, one sign at a time.

The hits just kept on coming. These people really, really wanted to pretend they were upset about this. To the point where they were willing to give fraudulent Yelp reviews. This is how you know that this epidemic probably isn’t as scary as the media is making it sound – because white women still have the luxury of being able to be this offended by a sign.

If you feel the need to start off every sentence with, “As a (insert imaginary oppressed racial, religious, or ethnic group here)” then you’re probably not capable of arguing anything on merit alone, which is why you immediately revert to identity.

This anecdote was so fake it will probably be printed in the New York Times by Monday.

I’ll take things that never happened for $2K Alex.

Meanwhile, Kim could not believe that everyone wasn’t as outraged as she pretended to be about the sign.

If you’re publicly shaming a small business in their time of need you’re not a good person. You’re actually horrible, and like me you’re probably not as affected by this as they are. The people who aren’t outraged about it feel the way they do because they’re normal human beings with a sense of humor. Something you are entirely unfamiliar with.

Like I always say, the best way to fight back against people like this is to never, ever give into them, and support businesses that don’t give in either. If I were legally allowed to get a haircut right now I’d drive to Bedford and give these people my money. But thanks to the CHINESE coronavirus I can’t. So I’ll probably just shave my heard on a live show one of these days instead.


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